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Dogwood Ramblings

FOUND- a very friendly Huskie female puppy, about three months of age with a colored collar, but no identification. She went first to Bob and Dana Wagner’s on Saturday the 17th and they brought her over to my kennel. Wonder of wonders, Sunday afternoon J.J. Roscoe from over on Rd. 544 came looking for this little girl; while looking for her two days they stopped at Ron and Arlene’s and learned the puppy was here. The kennel is cleaned again and awaiting the next stray dog. I will NOT keep any of them!

What a time I have had since returning home, much frustration with my internet server causing lots of problems, some of which I haven’t yet learned to navigate. This is so aggravating, especially when one calls out to get assistance and the calls go to India. Several trips to Springfield for medical/dental appointments have kept me on the go and more scheduled this month. The Golden Years are so often referenced yet, for many of us the gold is mostly the sunshine. Some of us have our family and friends and, of course our church families to help us through these times. Daily I give thanks to Our Lord when I am able to be up and about as I pray for those who do not have that ability and knowing one day that may be my lot in life. We who have reached these years often drive slower as our reflexes are slower, also we do have our aches and pains and often our conversations reflect that so, bear with us. Just imagine what you would do if your drivers licensed was revoked. We older folks are inundated with requests for money from various groups, but unfortunately, most of these groups are self serving and do not help the needy. We try to make good decisions but don’t always do so. We read and watch the news, but this has become mostly worthless as we cannot believe the media. Okay, time to get off this sad subject!

Hopefully all of us have received some much needed rain. I’ve seen seveal farm ponds full and that is always good news. The price of cattle has brought about some thefts, especially calves, so I do hope you are keeping an eye out for yourselves and for your neighbors. It was back in 1986 that we had 20 head of Hostein cattle stolen, ten breeding age heifers and ten heifers ready to calve for the first time. They represented our farm payment for the year so we had to cut costs and do other things to survive. That same week up the road on Hwy. 14 another farmer lost about 15 head of longhorn cattle to thieves. Shortly after that we saw some unemployed local folk driving around with a big black brand new pickup towing a 20 ft. or so brand new black stock trailer. Nothing we could do about that. Keep your eyes open! With the economy more cattle rustling is bound to occur.

I had a short phone visit with Wanda Dugan and Pam Aldrich. They didn’t know anything about the puppy that strayed in. Pam says she still cannot put any wight on her foot and has a pump of some sort for that foot that had actually reached the state of gangrene. She chuckled over this problem, bless her heart. Please do pray for healing for Pam.

Jamey Herd indicated she won’t be sending anything for the column this week. I miss all her updates on people in this community. Eva Wymers’ former house, across from Randy Boeddeker’s place is just sitting there. We heard it had sold and were hoping for repairs to begin.

Neighbor Bob Wagner told me that several days ago there was a fire on Road 544, straight South of his place which the fire department came and put out. Then, a few days later another fire started there. Eva White was apparently quite concerned as the fire was heading in our direction. If you need to burn, please be careful and notify the fire department ahead of time and don’t burn when it is windy!

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