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From the desk of Jamey Herd: Higher Vision did the morning worship service in song on Sunday for Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church. There was good attendance for the event and the music was wonderful. The group consists of couples from Hartville and Seymour. A love offering was taken up to help them with their expenses. Leveta didn’t have Children’s Church and they remained in the sanctuary for the music. The children did do their usual song before service began.

Billy Joe and I attended Geneve Marlin’s funeral in Seymour on Saturday. It was a beautiful service with a number of family and friends telling stories about Geneve. Geneve was the daughter of Delbert and Delorce Swearengin of Dogwood. Delbert and Delorce and Mae and Roscoe Swearengin were brothers that married sisters. They farmed a large acreage together all their lives. When we moved here in 1965, a young married couple with a newborn and a 2 ½ year old, they took us under their wings and helped us in many ways. We have wonderful memories of our friends and I always considered them my adopted parents.

There were a number of prayer requests at church yesterday. Pam Aldrich, Wanda and Paul Dugan’s daughter is out of the hospital, but has a way to go with the healing of her foot and getting her diabetes under control. Paul and Wanda also need prayer as they help Pam while she recuperates. Just before church I received word that Max Wood was not doing well. Soon after arriving home we received word that Max passed away. Prayers go out to his wife, Norma, and brother and sister-in-law, Kenneth and Joanne Lupton. Norma and Joanne are sisters. Prayer was also given for Robert Modar who is not well. Pat Williams and Brenda Dinwiddie were out sick. Alice Holt was absent also and I hope she wasn’t sick. Her husband is not well either and sometimes she can’t leave him.

Prayers also go out to the tornado victims. They say it will be a very bad year for storms and I personally am dreading them. We need to get a better evacuation plan as we don’t have a storm cellar. It seems like by the time we know it is going to be really bad here it is too late to drive to a shelter somewhere.

How many seen the horse and rider along 14 Highway? He stopped across from our drive and Billy Joe went and talked to him. He said he was traveling to Arkansas. The high wind was giving him problems and he left walking and leading his horse with a small dog sitting in the saddle. Unfortunately I missed seeing him. It would have made an interesting photo.

Last night as I went to bed the words to this song played across my mind. “Lord Lift Me Up And Let Me Stand, By Faith, On Heaven’s Table Land.” So I will wish each and every one ‘God’s Blessing” till next week.

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