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Do you sleep well?  Or, like me do you sleep like a baby, awake every couple of hours?  Sometimes this is so frustrating.  I do give thanks to God for indoor plumbing!  This wasn’t always so.  Although raised mostly in Los Angeles there were summertime trips to the home farm in North Dakota where there was no indoor plumbing and an artesian water well, which did not agree with my system.  Nights were a nightmare as one had to light the kerosene lamp, climb down the rickety, narrow stairs and wind oneself over to the outhouse.  This doesn’t sound so bad does it?  Well, as a pre-teen and somewhat afraid of the dark this was quite an undertaking but add to that – mosquitoes – millions of mosquitoes thirsting for blood, for fresh California blood at that.  And, of course, there was the worry of spiders and other creatures behind the half-moon door.

Thank heavens those days are behind me.  Now there is a different equation to nighttime.  First of all is my prayer time once my head hits the pillow.  Of course then my mind wanders to other subjects, over and over again and this often lasts for a couple of hours, flitting back to prayer over and over again.  Then the schedule of a baby of every couple of hours needing to get up, then back to the pillow, the prayers and the wandering mind once again.  These wanderings often take me to this column.  If I had a pad and pencil by the bed I could make some notes but the idea of turning on a light is not a good idea.  My family sometimes questions my need for a daytime nap but one does what one feels is best.

I am always hopeful that those in the Dogwood area will call with something for the column but the calls are rare, although always so welcome.  So, I write about other subjects and have little idea how many bother to read it or what their thinking is on my ramblings.  So, this week I’ll not bother you with my political leanings, nor with my religious thinking.  You can read River Stillwood’s column where she waxes eloquently on many subjects.

God bless and be well.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: A baby shower was given at Pleasant Ridge this past Saturday for Pat Williams’s granddaughter, Cheryce.  Mathew Scott Schaaf was born weighing only 4lbs 1oz and is still in ICU at St Johns. The shower was hosted by Trista Arndt, a fellow worker at the Waffle House. Amanda William’s tells me there was good attendance and Cheryce was really appreciative of all the gifts. They are all looking forward to baby Mathew coming home.

Due to now having bronchitis I was unable to attend church yesterday. Wanda Dugan was unable to attend also due to her daughter, Pam, being in Cox South with an infection in her foot. Surgery was performed on her foot to clean out the infection. Prayer for Pam would be much appreciated. Also keep Paul and Wanda in prayer as they go back and forth to the hospital.

Billy Joe reports that numbers were down at church yesterday. There were several out for one reason or another.

Smoke was seen Sunday north of 14 on BB but we haven’t heard what was burning. I hope it wasn’t a house fire.

It is so nice to have the sunshine and these warmer days. It has been a strange winter. I saw a sign advertising seed potatoes and onion sets. I believe the stores have garden and flower seeds out now. I am ready to start gardening but I am sure winter isn’t over with yet.

Mark Barnes and his helper, John, came and repaired our back porch and the siding on the north end of the house. I was so thankful we hadn’t had a heavy snow on that porch as it was rotted out and ready to fall down.

God Bless till next week.

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