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Champions find themselves in the delightful circumstance of seeing one of the world’s lovely places become even more lovely.  Not that there was anything unpleasant about the Temporary Annex to the Historic Emporium at its location over on the West side of the Square just where Lonnie Krider Memorial Drive takes steeply up the hill, and “Temporary” implies from the onset that it was designated to serve for a time only.  Time’s up!  During the past week the little building that served so well during the dissolution and recreation of the Historic Emporium was purchased and straight way moved to its new location over in Goat Flats.  The charming little structure will doubtlessly serve its new purpose well, and its absence on the Champion Square is sublime.   Ere long, with just a little weather and traffic, the Square will be restored to pre-construction condition and all will be right again.  The unimposing Loafing Shed has proven to be an attractive and agreeable solution to the issue of overflow loafers and so will remain.  Change can be good.  Champion!

The Skyline VFD Chili Supper is a good chance to get together with old friends, family and neighbors who do not get together as often as some might like.  The musical line up looks great for the evening and the food is always good.  Lots of VFD Member pies will come in the door.   If all goes as planned, Esther will be bringing three coconut cream pies (one of her specialties), two for the kitchen and one for the Silent Auction!  It seems like the Sherriff and somebody got in a bidding war last summer over her coconut pies and big handfuls of money were donated to a good cause.  Bob Berry and Mary Goolsby have always been big supporters of the Skyline VFD and Bob has let go of several dollars over Esther’s pies in the past.  Friends look forward to some good visiting with them as they are not in the neighborhood nearly often enough.  They read the paper over there in Twin Bridges, so they know that they are loved and missed.  Someone read the Champion News, discovered that Esther had broken her favorite crock pot and set about to replace it.  That is a kind and generous expression of appreciation and if Esther only cooked for herself, a little bitty crock pot would be sufficient.  Still, she was much pleased at the thoughtfulness.

Skyline third grader, Shaelyn Sarginson, will have her ninth birthday on Saturday, March 3rd.   Hopefully she will be at the Chili Supper to have that song sung to her.  Nine is a very nice age!  Look for Tim Scrivner at the Chili Supper too.  He may have one of those nice bird feeders for the Silent Auction and he will have surely have some good information about the Skyline R-2 School Foundation and the wonderful connection with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.  Probably he could be lured into a conversation about the big Foundation Bass Fishing Tournament coming up in May.  Linda, over at the Plant Place in Norwood, will be celebrating her birthday on the 5th of March.  There will be some nice bridge games in her future and she is quite busy getting vegetable plants ready for gardeners.  Her Almanac will be available March 1st there at The Gift Corner and at Henson’s Gro. and Gas in Downtown Champion and on line at  Some have their peas in the ground already and are just waiting for a little rain and more sunshine.  Champions are glad to hear that Harley and Barbara are both feeling better and they will be home in Champion in a few weeks.  Let the fun continue!

The other day a Champion noted that he had to keep the dictionary handy to read the Champion News.  If he has a copy of the New Urban Dictionary,  he will learn that in the ‘youth-speak’ parlance of London currently, the word ‘ridiculous’ has further nuances in the extrapolations: ‘rhinobuluous’, recaulkulous, and ‘redonkulous.’  An example of the latter:  “Cowboy Jack was rather redonkulous when he said, ‘I would not mislead(sic.) you, but I would haul you a load.”

Leap day is here again and many of the weddings of four years ago seem to have taken.  There is no indication that the Sadie Hawkins Tradition played any part in the engagements of people married after Leap day, 2008, and certainly success is to be celebrated no matter how it came to be.  Once in four years is often enough to have the tables turned on eligible young fellows.  Many famous athletes, artists and musicians were born on Leap Day as well as world leaders, scientists and entrepreneurs. Champions wish them all well on their special day.  Peggy Hancock had her birthday on February 1st.  She has not been well and her Champion friends send her their very best thoughts.  Peggy’s Father was Lloyd Hancock and he grew up in Champion and went to the Champion School.  She has a nice brother named Wes Hancock who is a well-known musician and plays with that Vanzant bunch when he gets to town.  Someone remarked the other day about the comparison between Elvis and the General.  It is not a contest; however, certain of the Staff-Sargent-General’s fan base are organizing a collection to acquire some rhinestones for his outfit.  Look for him at the Chili Supper to see if his side-burns are growing out.

Not many songs come to mind when it comes to Leap Year.  Perhaps if it came around more often, it would be more popular.   There was a movie called “Leap Year” and one of the songs in it was “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” by the Mamas and the Papas.   Send any leap year songs that you can think of to Champion Items, Rt. 2, Box 367 Norwood, MO 65717 or to  Now that the Champion Tourist Bureau and Information Center has its new location in the Community Action Meeting Room, feel free to drop in to share your knowledge or just to muse.  On your way to Champion, while you are still in your truck, think of a sweet, sad song to send to a soldier far away.  Sing it out loud—a song to let him know he has Love and Gratitude coming when he gets home.  Then compose yourself.  You will be in Champion! Looking on the Bright Side!

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