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Caney came together Wednesday evening with singing and Brother Jim Lafferty was our leader.  He took prayer requests and Brother Bill Austin led in prayer.  Jim read from, II Chronicles, chapter 6, about Solomon building a beautiful temple for God.  Everyone had a great time discussing and reading God’s wonderful word.  Sister Janice Lafferty taught the youth about the feeding of the five thousand.

Sunday School opened with singing and Brother Jack Essary welcomed Everybody.  Prayer requests were taken and Brother Jeff Shipley led in Prayer.  Isaiah 40:2-26, was the scripture Jack read for our devotions.

After Sunday School, Happy Birthday was sung to Faith Isaacs.  God bless this little one with many more!  Also, God bless Ray Clemans.  The Shipley girls, Maddie and Gracie, sang while the offering was received.  We heard testimonies from; Jeff Shipley, Versel Withro and Melba Austin. Praise and worship began with singing.  Brother Withrop presented a beautiful painting to the youth of our church.  He and his wife are a blessing to us.

Singing today were Laurena Mitchell, Jim Lafferty and Melissa Harmon. Brother Bill Austin, spoke this morning from Jeremiah 50:5, Psalms 119:29, Revelation 21:6-8 and Isaiah 35:8-10.  Sometimes our earthly roads are closed, but the highway of Holiness is never closed.  Sometimes here we  need help to find our way, even to Heaven.  Can you help someone find Christ?  Do you know where to find Christ? A very moving service today.

Sunday service began with singing and Brother Jeff Shipley took  charge of the service with prayer requests and praise reports, then Sister Doris Lambeth led us in prayer.  We heard testimony from Bill Austin and  Brother Jack Essary spoke from Genesis 3:7-12.  We cannot hide from God.

He knows what we do, before we do it.  You cannot blame your wrongs on  someone else.  You might say it’s their fault, but you know and God knows. Have you made your choice for God?  Are you telling others that they need to make a choice for Christ?  They need to know they can have eternal life, if they go by the way of the cross.  A very good message from the Lord.

We are living in perilous times.  We really need to get serious with our prayers for our nation and it’s leaders.  We need some God fearing Christian men to lead our nation.  Come be with us at Caney Baptist.

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