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Caney Church

March 4 – Caney came together Sunday morning with singing. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone to service. He took prayer requests. We had so many. The Lord knows all and will answer. Sis. Tracy Shipley led in prayer. Jack read Psalms 8:1-9 for our devotion. Our youth sang while we received offering. Sis. Tracy led the little ones in song. Jeff Shipley gave a testimony. We had a good time singing praises in the worship hour. Lisa Lux, Melissa Harmon and Jim and Jimmy Lafferty all sang today. Bro. Corby Lux was our guest speaker. He brought his message from Deut. 8:1-3. Time and again God has to send  things in our path to remind us who is in control. Will we keep His commandments during these hard times? Remember God will provide our every need. Jesus Christ is all we need. Wonderful words from the throne. It is so good to see young people serving the Lord.

Sunday evening service began with singing. Bro. Jeff Shipley opened services taking prayer requests. Bro. Jack Essary led in prayer. Testimonies were given by Jim Lafferty, Ethel Metcalf and Bill Austin. Singing specials music was Melba Austin, Ethel Metcalf and Lisa Lux. Bro. Corby Lux brought the evening message from Psalms 37:3-5. Dwell in the Lord, what a wonderful place to be. It’s a place of comfort, warmth, safety and peace. All this in the arms of Christ.

Delight in serving the Lord. Surround ourselves with the things of Christ. The desires of our heart should be heavenly things. Commit to Christ and trust Him. He will bless us with the desires of our heart.

We had a time of good fellowship after service.

Come be with us, you are welcome.

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