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Sunday, March 18th, with 16 people present, we studied the 4th chapter of Acts.  We opened with singing and were blessed by the bass voice of Ronnie Thomas.  I have heard a lot of bass singers, throughout my music ministry, but I firmly believe that he is the absolute best among professional and amateur singers alike.  I may be just a bit partial, but I think a whole lot of people would agree with me. Our third song was, “A Rose Among the Thorns.”  What a wonderful blessing to know that ‘a rose among the thorns’, made it possible for sinners, such as I, to  leave this life and go to the place where we will call home.  Praise be unto God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, my Savior, that this could be.  And what would we do without the Holy Spirit guiding and comforting us, through this journey.

Brother Ronnie Thomas, was asked to open the worship service and ask a blessing on the offering, where he also asked for God’s protection for Pastor Joe “Cub”  and Clara Lafferty, as they travel to Jasper, Alabama.  Brother Roy Hampton, preached from St. John, chapter 11, with the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead, to help bring doubters to believe by this wonderful miracle.  He spoke of the Holy Ghost being ever present to guide us to do what is right in the sight of God.  He moved to St. James, chapter 1, where the trying of our faith works patience.  He reminded us to pray with all believing and faith, that we will receive.  He spoke to us, asking God to help us through trials and temptations, to endure until the end.

He ended with the message that the thief on the cross, was reassured when he asked Jesus to remember him and Jesus replied, “today you shall be with me in paradise”.

After receiving Jesus as our Savior, we should live as the Holy Ghost leads us and we should also spread the Word to those who are still lost and become fishers of men.  He refers to St. Matthew, chapter 8, when Jesus was being criticized for eating with publicans and sinners.  Jesus tells them, He came for the sick and the  lost, not those who are not in need of a physician.  We all need Jesus, so don’t let Satan tell you that you don’t.

We had our invitational song and closing prayer, given by Bro. Ronnie Thomas, with prayer requests from; Rick Crawshaw, Sue Thomas, Wilma Hampton and Nicole Hampton’s little cousin.  God bless you all.

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