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Opening Sunday school Joe Lafferty read the sixth chapter of Psalms. Lee Hampton prayed the opening prayer.

Our lesson was from the 3rd chapter of Acts, which was pretty well self explanatory. Several people forgot to set their clocks up and didn’t show up.

We live next door to the church so we could walk if we had to. Lee Hampton taught our lesson and we commented on different verses.

Daryl Hampton came with Lee. Wilma is doing some better. I think they said Wilma is going to start walking with a walker. I did when I had my knee surgery.

We took up the morning offering. Joe Lafferty prayed. We had congregational singing. Roy Hampton sang a special. Joe Lafferty’s text was found in the third chapter of Acts, verse 16 and the thirteenth chapter, verses 39-44 and also chapter 13, verse 1 through 13. He also led in prayer. We didn’t have a piano player so we dismissed the service with Lee Hampton praying the prayer.

We hope everyone is finally getting over some of these different viruses.

We sure have had a mild winter so far.

Well, I hope everyone had a good service today.

God bless and pray for the lost. Until next time.

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