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Opening Sunday school Joe Lafferty read the third chapter of Psalms. Clara Lafferty prayed the opening prayer.

We started the first chapter of Acts today. Lee Hampton got to be here to teach for us. Wilma is some better he says. We discussed the lesson and had our questions and answers. Sue Thomas asked the blessing on the morning offering. Sue Thomas played for our congregational singing. It was nice we had Ronnie Thomas to sing bass. Sue Sisco again did a speical. Joe Lafferty had laryngitis so Roy Hampton brought the message on the 9th chapter of Matthew 37-38 and II Timothy the 3rd chapter, having a form of Godliness denying the power thereof, from such turn away.

We still have a lot of our congregation still sick from colds and allergies. I’ll be glad when all that stuff goes away.

We sang our invitational song and Ronnie Thomas dismissed us in prayer.

Pray for us all we’ll get over all these allergies and colds.

We are still not having Sunday night services.

May God bless everyone.

Until next time,

March 3rd is tag that preacher at Breedon. Music begins at 6 p.m. and preaching at 7 p.m.

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