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Our character word this month is courage—that is having fortitude and boldness to stand up to those who would want you to do things you don’t want to do, even Satan himself!  It is facing and dealing with those difficult and painful situations that come along.

Our menu for this week includes—Monday, March 5—Biscuits and gravy, scrambled egg, oven fried potatoes, sausage, fruit.  Tuesday, March 6—Cook’s choice.  Wednesday, March 7—Chicken, scalloped potatoes, mixed vegetables, cake.  Thursday, March 8—Spaghetti and meat balls, green beans, cheese biscuit, cookies.  Friday, March 9—Hot ham and cheese sandwich, broccoli soup, cobbler.

Activities this week include OATS bus to Springfield on Monday, OATS bus to Ava Wednesday and Friday.  Pitch tournament on Monday around noon, and Grace Health Care foot clinic on Thursday, as well as the driver’s exam in the basement on Thursday.  For your information, the Social Security representative no longer makes trips to outlying counties.

Arthritis indicators could be joint ache, inflammation, restricted movements, soreness and stiffness, especially early in the morning.  Arthritis is typically swelling of body joints where bones meet.  It develops when the cartilage gets affected, and when normal quantity of cartilage diminishes, the bones begin rubbing together, triggering discomfort.  Treatment solutions could include low impact aerobic activity, 8-10 hours of sleep, avoid remaining in one position, practice yoga and meditation, get rid of excess weight, eat more fruits and vegetables, and omega three rich foods, such as fish, soybeans and walnuts.  And please consult your physician.

Congratulations to these winners in the pitch tournament:  Sybil Heckendorn (221), Joretta Sawyer (209), and Millie Heavener (198).  We’re gonna have to stop these ladies!

Our pitch tournament for the month of March will be on Monday, March 5 and Monday, March 19, despite what your green monthly calendars tells you.

Until next week, have a good one!

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