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Well, we lost an hour of sleep Sunday morning but that didn’t seem to slow anyone down.   Our worship hour was filled with songs of praise and fellowship and God’s Word.  Psalm 32:1-8 was read and the message was entitled “Restless or Resting”.  Sometimes in our restless and busy lives we try to go our own way instead of letting God help us.  Trust God to put you on the right path and accept His advice.   God wants us to obey Him and live like we should.    Jesus paid the price for our sins, so we should at least pay Him with obedience.  It’s really hard at times to let things go and leave them at Jesus’ feet, but that’s what He wants us to do.  How stubborn we can be!  But, God wants to give us rest so we have to trust Him.

The days have been so beautiful and we thank God for it.  The first day of spring is right around the corner, but it feels like it’s already here.  Be thinking about Easter coming up on April 8 so you can invite others to celebrate the risen Jesus who died for us.  The special choir has been practicing for the Cantata they will present during both services on Easter morning.  You can still join choir practice if there’s anyone out there who wants to sing with us.  You are so welcome here.

Find time this week for prayer for those who have requested it.  We have families who have suffered the loss of family and friends and it’s really important we remember them.  Pray for the Darrell Lakey family and the families of Anna Hughes and Max Wood.  Others have been sick and in the hospitals and we lift them up to the Lord who hears all our prayer petitions.  God is our healer and our strength.

Pray for our church leaders as well as all the volunteers who give of their time to help out in the life of our church.  It takes love, dedication and a willingness to serve God by serving others that make all the people who volunteer so special to us.  Remember to thank those who sing in the choir Sunday mornings and evenings.  Say a thank you to your musicians and singers who give praise to God every week.  Our children are in such great hands with the volunteers in nursery, children’s church and our youth ministries.  Be sure and tell them how much we appreciate them.  If God lays on your heart a desire to volunteer, let our pastors or Deacons know.  We always need extra hands at the sound board and media center for each service or maybe you want to help out in the nursery or help with the cleaning of God’s house or teach a Sunday school class.  Whatever it may be, it would be blessing to you and to all of us.

Come visit us at Ava General Baptist Church and share in God’s message and the life and death of His son Jesus Christ.  We can learn how it can apply to us every day!   Don’t forget our Bible study on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. and our youth meet at 6:30 p.m. I’m going to try to be less stubborn this week and more willing to trust God for everything in my life.  I hope you will too.  See you Sunday.

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