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Cecelia Edwards, fell and hurt her knee, then found out she had pneumonia, so they took her to the hospital last Tuesday.  Wendee Freeman took Bonnie Phipps up to see Cecelia, Friday, and Bonnie went to church Sunday.

Tara brought Jett over last Monday, then James and Mark stopped by.

Jo Stephens, stopped by on her way to town and took some eggs over to the girls at the eye doctor for me.  I sure appreciate her doing so , because they would have been closed by the time I could get there that evening.

I attended my O.E.S. meeting that night and it was our D.D.G.M. visit.

Tara bought Jett over again Tuesday and James came by to see his grandson, before he went to work.

Mark brought me some more eggs Wednesday and Tara came by with Jett.  That evening, Lakota came after school and stayed until Justin came to get him.  Mt. Tabor Church had their business meeting that night.

I went to town Thursday morning and took some eggs by to Patty Kraft, on my way in.  Justin brought Jett over for a couple of hours and by 4 o’clock that evening, I had received four-tenths of an inch of rain in my gauge.

I went by the nursing home Friday morning and visited with Pauline Schauffler, Peggy Jenkins, Irene Richards and Roxie Heimeyer, who was doing therapy, so I will have to catch her next time.  I went on over and  paid my light bill, got some groceries and then I stopped by Max and Mona Decker’s house, to give them a loaf of my bread.

Saturday afternoon, I went over and met my new neighbors, who were in from Texas.  They are Richard and Joanna Beyes, Sidney, Emily and their sweet little neice.  Emily picked me a bouquet of lilies and I brought them home and put them right into a vase.  I took them a loaf of my  ‘Friendship Bread’ and the little neice brought me a partially eaten cookie.

She would have finished it her herself, but Aunt Joanna told her she had had enough.  I really liked them and they seem to like it down here.

Saturday evening, Carol Moore, Marie Dickey, Doris Morrison, Hellen Blakey and Mike and Charlotte Bock, all went to Mtn. Grove to the Past Matron and Past Patron meeting.

Brother Scottie Eaves, brought us two good messages Sunday, at Mt. Tabor Church.  After I got home from church, I went over to Jo Stephens’  and left her a birthday card and a gift.  Her birthday was Saturday.  Sunday evening, when I got home from church, I poured out the rain in my gauge and had sixth-tenths, then got another half a tenth, before the night was over.

George Blakey got eight-tenths of an inch.


Let’s keep our sick folks, in our prayers.  Some have to go for check-ups, so pray they get good results.  My prayers and sympathy go out to all that have lost a loved one, there are so many I won’t name names.  Let’s  keep our leaders, the men and women in the service, their families and the ones in training, in our prayers.

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