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All Around Bradleyville

What beautiful weather we’ve had the last week. It got so warm I was tempted to turn on the air conditioner a time or two, but made myself turn on a fan instead and enjoyed the nice breezes coming through the house from the open windows.

The violets and wild verbena have burst into bloom along with redbud, peach trees , elm trees  and many other types of trees.  I have several types of daffodils, tulips, verbena,  hyacinths and grape hyacinths blooming in the yard right now. I love all the blooms, it is so beautiful outside.

Our squirrel is really enjoying the elm blooms, preferring them over the walnuts that are left right now. The other day I watched one red squirrel coming up the hill toward the walnut trees in the corner of the yard where another red squirrel was already sitting. The first squirrel would run a few feet, stop and look, run a few more feet, run up the sycamore tree, come back down and continue a few more feet. I could tell when the second squirrel caught sight of the first one, he sat straight up and held himself perfectly still while he craned his neck to see better. They looked at each other just a few seconds and then both shot forward toward each other. They collided in a fur flying ball, wrestled, fought and  rolled a few seconds, then one took off running out of the yard, across the field with the other one on its heels.  I admit I am easily entertained. Oh well, I am never bored.

Delbert Johnson went Sunday afternoon to watch two of his grandsons, Dean and Ethan Rogers get baptized. Congratulations to these two fine young men in their step of faith. When Delbert returned home around 8:00 p.m. Sunday night he found that someone had broken into his home and stolen 9 or 10 of his guns. He is asking anybody who might have noticed a different vehicle at his house Sunday between the hours of 9:45 a.m.-8:00 p.m. to please get in touch with him or his son, Dustin. His phone number is 546-7172. His son Dustin’s number is 546-7153.

It was also mentioned that Senior, Ashton Crum won 3rd place in a state art competition and is eligible to compete in the nationals.

New Mansion had a talent show for Youth Night last Sunday night and there were several unique talents performed.  Kayla Combs entertained us with a nose flute, Heidi Todd made roses  from play dough, Ethan Todd amazed us with a cup stacking display, Levi and Lisa Lux demonstrated their artistic talent with a game called “Scribble”.  Braden Potter played a great trumpet solo, Hunter Chambers, along with his family sang his favorite song, “Inside the Gate”,  and Arica Todd did a wonderful job singing “Jesus Loves Me”.  Vicky Blair sang a song, Kelvin and Melanie Whittaker whistled two songs and Melanie sang with one of them, Greg Potter played a couple of songs on his mandolin, the Crouch family played a bluegrass song with their instruments, Lisa Lux read a Veggie Tales book and did the “voices”, Melanie Whittaker and Kayla Combs sang together, Emily Todd sang a song and Emily, Ethan and Heidi sang another song together. Danny Gillespie demonstrated walking on his hands.

Birthdays: March 23: Sammi Jo Norwine; March 24: June Boyd, Dustin Tilley; March 25: Buddy Compton Jr. , Danny Flannery, Clessie Hurst; March 26: Leon Combs; March 28: Kent Day, Eric Guerin, Sherry Guerin, Natalie Mooney, Sara Ridings.

Anniversaries: March 25: Tim and Ann Blair.

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