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All Around Bradleyville

The Bradleyville students have a week of spring break this week and I know they are all enjoying it a lot. The weather is supposed to be pretty this week and that will help, although the past few years it has been cold and rainy on spring break.  I doubt the kids really cared that much because they didn’t have school and that was the most important part. Jessi has spent the week working with his Grandpa Bob and Scott Lawson so I don’t know if he would have rather had spring break or school.

“Hoopin’ It Up”, a basketball program for the elementary schools in the area continues the rest of the month of March at Bradleyville School on Saturdays. The teams are coached by high school kids and are being very well attended.

Baseball practice has started for the boy’s team and softball practice for the girls will start soon. I love to watch baseball and softball but none of my grandkids are playing this year. I think they are all more interested in fishing than ball this time of year. I can’t blame them; I like to go fishing too.

Hayden reminded me that sucker grabbing season will open this week, Thursday, March 15 and Danielle said the white bass will soon be running.

New Mansion Church will be hosting a talent show for the Youth Night on Sunday night, March 18. Everyone is welcome to come and watch or/and bring a talent to show. If you have any questions you can call the Youth leaders, Alicia or Jason Crouch at 796-2694.

Our sympathy goes out to the family and friends of Irene Floyd who passed away last Friday.

Birthdays: March 14: Virginia Clayton, Jacob Nelson, Scott Whittaker; March 15: Lacey Davis, Brent Koenig; March 16: Danny Gillespie, Juanita Shortt; March 17: Brandon Harris, Koleder Ross; March 18: Nardena Brown, Amber Duff, Becky Krause; March 19: Bradley Flannery, Kerri Hampton; March 20: Rebecca Campbell, Emma Hampton, Linton Rentfro, Sue Swadley; March 21: Kelsi Adams, Ronnie Hunsaker, Riley Kisling.

Anniversaries: March 19: Brandon and Lori Burkhart, Sam and Judy Clemans.

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