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The Higher Calling

Last week we touched briefly on the heirs of salvation and how Almighty God has provided his heirs with ministers who operate in the spiritual and natural realms in service to the heirs.  We learned that the heirs of salvation are those who become sons and daughters of God through faith in Jesus Christ, and that the ministers God has provided for the heirs are what is commonly known as angels.  See Hebrews chapter 1:13-14, Galatians 4:7, and Romans 8:16-17.

Without being aware of it, an heir can either assist their ministering spirits or bind their efforts to serve them.  This lesson will make the reader more aware, Lord willing, of their involvement in the plan of God and how they can lead their ministers to fulfill the service they were created for.

In the term heir of salvation, the word salvation is number 4991 in the Strong’s concordance and is defined in Greek as soteria which means:  deliverance, preservation, safety, salvation.  So as an heir of salvation, you are an heir of deliverance, preservation, safety and salvation.  Halleluia, that is something to praise God about, but it does not just happen on it’s own, which is one of the reasons you may not be walking in the victory God desires for you.

As you walk with God and learn of him and learn of what God says about you in the Bible, you will learn that God expects you to grow in wisdom and you will learn that you have responsibilities.  Just as we grow from baby to toddler to youth, teen, adult and senior, our responsibilities change and develop to suite our maturity.  The good news in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that He lays it out for us plainly to use as we mature in His grace.

What does He lay out plainly for us to use?

His word.  We don’t need to redesign the wheel or reinvent fire, we just need to follow the example of the one who loves us.

When Jesus was tempted by the devil in Matt. chapter 4, His victory didn’t come by thinking of something wise on His own.  No sir.  Jesus knew that God the Father has provided everything we need for victory.  Jesus had studied the scriptures and knew what God said, and Jesus believed God above everything else.  In valuing and honoring the God who loves him, Jesus used God’s words to defeat the devil and temptation by saying……”It is written…..”

Jesus was delivered from that temptation of the devil by believing and saying what God said.

Your ministering spirit listens, waiting for the word of God to come from your mouth.  When your angel hears it, he works to see it accomplished.   Are you saying what God says about you and others?  Are your words in agreement with what God says?  Are your angels busy or are they unemployed?

God has given us the words to use for victory but it is up to us to use them.

May the words you use be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth with the goodness of God.

Until next time, God bless you and your loved ones.

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