Tecumseh/Lilly Ridge News

Text Box: Tecumseh Lilly Ridge
Linnie Ingram

The long month of January is gone after this Tuesday and February comes with some folks thinking about planting their lettuce, onions and radishes. Winter onions in my garden stayed green all winter.

The elderly folks can be helped with their taxes beginning February 14, by appointment, one day per week, by volunteers, at the Senior Center.

The two new graves in Lilly Ridge Cemetery reminds us of how uncertain our life span can be. They are close together, one being the grave of Joe Gaddy and the other, Gene Whillock.

Prayers are sent to Ina Friends’ brother, Danny Russell, who is ill.

Lee and Theresa Bridges and Tammy Childress were with their mother, Ernestine Gaddy, at church Sunday. They had been with their mother all of last week since their Dad’s passing, which was such a help for her. Prayers are with her in the following days to come knowing many friends sympathize in her loss.

Lilly Ridge Church business meeting will be Sunday evening February 5th after services. A youth activity will be at the church Friday evening, February 3rd and they plan to make some crafts for the nursing home patients.

The birds are busy at feeders where “bird-lovers” keep them filled. There are different kinds of birds who come ever so often, and our regular little finches have to move over. Finches are my favorites.

I called Roger Long for news from him and Lanell, but he said they didn’t have much going on except usual jobs and Lanell was on her mail route.

I had an appointment Tuesday with Dr. Arp, in Mountain Home.When a persons feet hurt, you hurt all over!

Our prayers are with Ron Mahan, who is in St. John’s in Springfield recovering from some trouble on his right side following some light strokes. Also prayers are for Elmer Miller who has some serious health problems.

The singing at Brushy Knob Church Saturday evening was enjoyed and the good refreshments served by the ladies.

Marlyn Pitcock of Forsyth, is feeling better now following his reconstructive surgery for a stomach hernia.

Most of the good sermon by Bro. David Evans at Brushy Knob Church was appreciated by everyone Saturday evening, I failed to mention.

A quote by Bill Cosby was: “The interval between warming up and wearing out is getting very narrow.”