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Though chilly temperatures prevail off and on, we are experiencing changing weather, sometimes almost spring-like and the Easter lilies and other species of daffodils are up and growing. Soon their yellow blooms will brighten our yards to cheer us.

It was good to hear from Lanell Long last Friday. Sorry she is having home health problems, and I believe some of them are caused from the “wear and tear” of her daily activities! Often a person pushes themselves in many areas more than their physical body can take. Best wishes Lanell.

Wayne and Sue Cobb left Saturday along with Ben and Erma Finley, from New Orleans, Louisana on a Royal Carribean cruise, a Christmas gift from their children Nickie and Rob Finley.

Lanell said her husband, Roger Long, was putting a new roof on their house this week. Also her daughter, Rhonda and husband, Ken Newton, from Willow Springs, had just returned from a Caribbean cruise.

Our prayers are in store for Ron Mahan, a patient in Baxter Country Medical Center and is receiving therapy there.

Gainesville Easter Star Chapter 432 didn’t have their regular meeting February 13th due to bad weather. Next regular date will be February 27th, Monday evening.

All species of birds are flocking near the bird feeders. A sight to see was Thursday when hundreds of “black birds” flew in my yard and garden area, perhaps eating what they could find among the leaves and grass. They left as quickly as they came within a short time.

Lets hope the stink bug invasion stays clear of the Ozarks!

Sympathy to the family of Dorothy (Huse) Pendergrass who passed away February 13th.

Jean Suman and Ernestine Gaddy shopped in Mountain Home Friday.

It is still difficult to realize the loss of our neighborhood men, Joe Gaddy, Roger Suman, Elmer Miller and others, who passed away so suddenly, it seemed, and makes us think of how uncertain life is.

The loss of my neighbor, Paul Breyne, was a shock, and now his property is empty. His wife, Judy, moved into town.

Lawrence and Dot Strickland visited Rosalee Burr (of Tecumseh), now a resident in West Vue Nursing Home, when they were in West Plains.

“Sometimes it is easier to love humanity as a whole than it is to love one’s neighbor.”

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