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DaySpring has a card that starts out “There’s only one reason I’d ever send anyone a card like this…”  The remainder of the card is an impassioned plea to the reader to accept Jesus Christ and live in God’s will.  It’s a wonderful card that can move anyone.  Of course this is only the beginning of the journey.  So, what does come next?

Probably the best thing that could happen (I’m not saying that it always happens) is that some believer will be available to help the new believer.  It takes a continued commitment to the new person.  It’s kind of like the 12 steps in AA.  In fact, there’s a book that addresses this idea.  The newly saved have this wonderful experience but there has to be something more.  Matthew 28:19, 20 says this very thing.

Of course, every church has members who are more committed to hanging in there with the new believers.  They will have a real tug to wanting to help.  This is their calling.  But anyone can have the same calling (2 Timothy 2:2).  Faithfulness is the key.  This is the writer’s opinion here but if you care enough about someone, wouldn’t it just naturally follow that you will find yourself wanting to help them?

Everyone likes to know that someone cares about them.  Even the hard-headed, ornery old cuss who hasn’t said so much as a ‘thank-you’ to anyone in so many years that no one remembers it.  There was a contrary old lady that lived nearby when I was a child.  She was rude and never smiled.  People actually avoided her.  I didn’t because I used to slip into her yard and break off a flower to take to my mother.  She caught me and started in.  I retorted that no one liked her and I didn’t either.  She asked why that was.  I told her that she never smiled and that made people afraid of her.  After that she started smiling and would ask me if I noticed.

It’s really not so hard.  JUST DO IT.

Copies of the sermon are available and free.  Call (417)543-6219 to get a copy. Have a God-blessed, God-inspired, and God-filled week.

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