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The thought of being blind makes most people shudder in fear.  I remember when I was a teen, the thought occurred to me.  What would I do if I couldn’t see?  I couldn’t possibly imagine it.  It just seemed like it was more than I could bear.

In college, I volunteered as a reader for a blind man working on his college degree.  Several times a week I would go to the apartment where he and his wife lived and read his textbooks to him.  I remember his frustration.  He hated it that he couldn’t read the material himself.

The ninth chapter of John is a story about a blind man.  I can imagine his frustration at not seeing.  Jesus instructed him to wash the clay from his eyes.  He did so and received his sight.  Would that all who are physically blind could receive the same blessing.

Of course, this poor man gets raked over the coals for telling the Pharisees how he came to get his sight.  They, the Pharisees, are spiteful and haul the man’s parents in for questioning.  In fear they confirm that their son was born blind.  If they want to know anything else, they’ll have to ask their son.

The whole thing is summed up in chapter 9, verse 30.  The man asks how is it that a miracle has happened and they, the Pharisees, don’t know who did it.  Good question!  These are the scholars of the scriptures, scrolls of the Old Testament.  A study of the scrolls would have told them who it was.  These scholars weren’t as learned as they would have one believe.

Physical blindness is difficult, true.  But how much worse it is for those who are spiritually blind.  Spiritual blindness steals the soul and leads it into an abyss.

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