Sweden Church

Ever heard of the eternal optimist?  It’s the person who sees better times ahead.  The one who sees something good in all that happens.  Or, how about the person who waits around for a relative to leave their inheritance to them.  This one does little that is productive—just waits around for their ship to come in.  Or, how about the one who runs after every scheme that comes along.  It’s the make-it-rich-quick type.  And, there’s the ne’er do well who hopes that his kids will turn out well.  Yet, they are a poor example to follow.  And the list goes on.  Most end up at the end of a bad life.  Matthew 7:20 says that they are known by their fruits.

These poor souls have little to redeem them.  Yet, they have the same hope of heaven as anyone.  What will Jesus say to them?  Make no mistake, Matthew 7:21 means what it says.  Chapters 5 through 7 of Matthew contain the teachings of Jesus.  In it, he says that a wise man builds his house on a rock.

This brings Joshua and Jericho to mind.  In Joshua 6:1-5 God gives Joshua a series of instructions of what to do about Jericho.  Following these instructions the wall of Jericho fell.  Like our preacher pointed out today, God could have toppled Jericho on the first day, or the next, or the next.  But He didn’t.  Why is that?  Because He wanted His people to be obedient which they were.  Could it be part of the rock Jesus speaks of?  Add Hebrews 11:6 to it (faith).  Believers have faith (believers believe), and belief leads to obedience.

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