Sandy Church News

It was a beautiful Lord’s Day outside and also beautiful inside our church because of his presence with us as testimonies were shared and prayer time at the altar closed our service.

We received word and an obituary of our Brother, Sterlin Marsh, from the state of Washington.  He entered the gates of Heaven on January the 18th.  He was a great man of God who walked the walk.  We were blessed to have had him in our home over the years.

We began with prayer time at 9:45 followed by devotional reading from Psalms 77.  Prayer requests were given.  Among those were Trisha Menzies, who had surgery on Friday, Donna and Wayne Grigg, Baby Peyton, our nation, leaders, troops and a world of lost people.

We closed with singing a great prayer song.  I always wonder what the Good Lord could do if we would truly surrender all.

Stan Humbyrd and Brad Siler, our two deacons, received our Lord’s tithes and offerings with LeaAnn at the piano.

After testimonies and special prayer at the altar with our Pastor, LeaAnn and Erin Crum sang.

At 4:30 p.m. we came back for our annual business meeting to elect Pastor, officers and teachers for the New Year.  Pastor Neal was unanimously elected again for the 12th year.  We appreciate him for giving so much.    Judy Wilson was retained as the Church Clerk.  She also does the love gifts and funeral memorials.  Sunday School Superintendent is Brad Siler replacing Doyle Humbyrd.  Sunday School Secretary is Mary Lou Hodges and Patty Siler.  Children’s Church leaders are Kim Humbyrd and Patty Siler along with many other helpers.  Greeting cards are sent by Juanita Menzies and Church news by Frances Humbyrd and Sonya Hodges.  Association delegates are Rick and Elane Crum, LeaAnn Crum, Juanita Menzies and Billy Hodges.  Letters of good standing will be given for ministers Neal Crum and Frances Humbyrd and Deacons Stan Humbyrd and Brad Siler.  Sunday school teachers are Juanita Menzies, Pastor Neal and LeaAnn Crum, Mary Lou Hodges, Stan and Kim Humbyrd, Judy Wilson and Patty Siler.  Dawnya McFarlin and Shannon Wilson clean the church.  We appreciate all those who fill special ministries in our church.  May the Good Lord guide and help us we pray always.

At 6 p.m., Pastor Neal shared more about his Africa trip and read from Colossians 1.

Come and worship with us where Jesus is Lord.