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Sandy Church

We met on our Lord’s Day at 9:45 for prayer followed by reading our devotional from Romans 4.

Prayer requests were shared for Leoma Mackey’s family, New Vision and Mt. Tabor churches in need of pastors, Eldon Hodges, our nation, military and leaders.  Juanita Menzies prayed this prayer.

Happy birthday was sung to Judy Wilson.  She is our Church Clerk and does a great job with our bookkeeping.

Happy anniversary was sung to Van and Trisha Menzies.  I don’t know how many.  LeaAnn and Erin Crum sang, “There is Power in the Blood” as we gave our Lord his tithes and offerings.

Danny Johnson led us in “What a Day That Will Be”.  He gave a testimony about that day.

Pastor Neal prayed and read from Luke 13, the barren fig tree, and John 15, the true vine.

After a special prayer time at the altar, we were dismissed by Harold Menzies.

The evening service was dismissed to attend the visitation at Clinkingbeard’s Funeral Home for Leoma Mackey, who was a member of our church.  Her Celebration of Life was conducted by her children and grandchildren at the church at 10 am on Monday.  Reverend John Comer officiated.  Burial was at the Sherrodd Cemetery at Brown Branch.

After that, a meal was served in the fellowship hall for family and friends.

Clifton and Oma Mackey were a part of our community for many years.  It was good to share memories with them about us walking to school with Loretta, Oleta and Johnny so many years ago.  She lived to be 96 years old.  Last summer she was pictured in the Herald with a large sweet potato she had grown in her garden at 95 years of age.

Tuesday at 7 p.m. is special prayer time.

Wednesday at 7 p.. is Bible study in Exodus.

Come and be with us in worship of our Lord and Savior.

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