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Hope everyone enjoyed watching the snow fall today. The good thing about it is that it won’t stay on very long. My sister, Norma, called to see if I had made some snow ice cream yet. I meant to, but got busy and forgot to go out and get the snow until it got dark.

My sister, Georgia Sanders from Claremore, Oklahoma  is spending a few days with Norma Cross and with Dick and I, and Kenny Hunt. Her son, Donny, brought her up on Friday. We all had lunch at Norma’s Sunday after church. Brenda Reed and Kimberley Stillings was in charge of the Valentine Banquet  Saturday night in the fellowship room at Goodhope General Baptist Church. They had decorated the room western style. The teens were the servers. They all did a wonderful job and the food was very good.

I talked to Freda Richards today. She filled me in on how her brother, Jim Haden, was doing. They flew him to the Mercy Hospital last Friday the 10th. They thought at first he had a stroke, but found out later he had a seizure. They found a tumer on his brain. After many test, they are going to attempt surgery in a few days. Our prayers are with him. We heard Brother Bob Huskey was taken to the hospital Sunday afternoon and was to have some testing done today.

The Goodhope General Baptist Church crew hung sheet rock in Jeannie Miller’s new house Saturday.

We heard the picking and grinning group had a good music session Friday night at Goodhope General Baptist Church, headed up by Glen Dale Robertson and company.

God bless.

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