The sun is shining so pretty down here in Peckerwood Holler this Monday morning, but it is chilly outside and that’s okay. After all it is still winter.

Terry Nelson and Dick Richards decided the weather wasn’t too bad so they went to Crain, MO. to the farm machinery auction the 29th. I went to the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Tuesday. I found Irene Richards sitting in her wheelchair watching the birds eat out of the feeders that Tony Richard and Charlie Hampton had made and put up just outside her window. She had gotten pictures from her grandchildren in St. Louis. They are growing up fast.

Peggy Jenkins was sitting in her wheelchair asleep. She didn’t sleep very good the night before, she said she was just taking a little nap. Oliver Lee came while I was there. I found my cousin, Goldie Miller in the dining room. She was feeling better. Goldie is a pleasant person when she feels good. We always have stories to talk about when we were growing up.

Irene told me Raymond Bricker, her brother, had been up to see her. He has been in and out of the hospital so much, but he seems to always come out of his sickness. I was glad to know he is able to get around again.

Freda Richards and I share birthdays on February 2nd. Freda said she had lots of telephone calls; Eva (used to be) Fowler from California and her brother, George Haden, from Washington plus family and friends around here. She had pizza with family that evening.

I had lots of calls and went to a ballgame in Bradleyville and Saturday my brother, Pete and Sandra Jenkins from Arkansas came up to my sister’s, Norma Cross, in Goodhope, where she fixed our favorite dinner – beans, cornbread and fried potatoes plus other stuff. We really enjoyed the food and visit.

Sunday after church, Dick and I went to Dan and Beth Maloney’s home in Sparta for cake and ice cream. Matt and Jason Maloney and their sons, Brandon, Kenna and Phiney and Holly Tubbs, Milo, Finnley and Lela were there to wish me a happy birthday. Holly made the cake for me.

Friday DeAnn Thompson had gallbladder surgery. It was an out patient surgery. As of this morning other then being sore she is doing okay. She will be off work this week. We had a very good service at Goodhope General Baptist Church Sunday. We had 97 attending. Sarah Davis  gave a heartwarming testimony.

God bless all.