This spring like weather has got a lot of us thinking about gardens. Ray Cunningham called this morning to see if we had our tomatoes out yet, he told me to tell Dick he was going into Ava, to get his plants today.

On our way to town last week we stopped by Freeda Richards’ home, she was feeling much better and on our way home we stopped at Helen Dobbins’ home, as we were leaving Ronnie came by to leave his dog with Helen while he was feeding his cattle. We chatted a bit with him.

The Richards and Thompsons had company over the weekend –  Scott and Missy Richards, Garead and Kate Revies, Josh and Luke, Megan Richards and her boyfriend all from Cape Girardeau, Missouri. They spent time with both families. Megan has just graduated with her Master’s Degree in physical therapy and will be interning in a hospital in Cape. She and Mark Fresher are planning their wedding in October. Mark is from Ozark, but has lived in Cape several years. He is a manager of a mall in Cape.

The Fifth Sunday singing was at the Goodhope Nazarene Church Sunday night. The house was full with plenty of good music. Genevie Garland; her daughter, Pund and friend, Wilma from Ozark, Missouri came down and went to the singing with Norma Cross.

Until next time, God bless.