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Red Bank Church News

“I’m Walking in a Winter Wonder Land,” is what I might feel like singing if I decided to venture outside my door right now.  The snow has been coming down steadily all day with layers of sleet sandwiched in between.   Right now there are huge, white, beautiful snow flakes falling outside my window.

The air was crisp Sunday morning, but it did not detour many from attending church.  Most all our members were present along with several visitors.   Some of our visitors were those that responded to an invitation to make Maxine Lirley’s birthday special by attending church services with her at Red Bank where she and Clyde served the Lord many, many years together, and raised their family to do likewise.  Those of Maxine’s family attending were David and Terinda Hampton; Tracy, Jasper, Konner and Chandlyn Nelson; Danny, Kerri, Emma and Kate Hampton; Jake Hampton; Roger and Irene Swearingen; Willene Adams; Jeane and Jerry Huff and Gary and Alice Lirley.  On this special day our church also planned to have a Valentine luncheon after services where Maxine was, also, presented with a special decorated cake in honor of her 89th birthday.  Ice cream was served with the cake.  Needless to say lots of pictures were taken with her family members.

The Red Bank Church services began with Jake Hampton leading the congregation in hymns.  Greetings were conveyed by Jerry Huff.  In the way of announcements, Brother Les invited everyone to stay after services for the luncheon and return at 7:00 p.m. for the monthly Praise Service and Fellowship meal. He reminded everyone of the Wednesday night Prayer meeting and Bible Study along with the, Youth’s C. I. A. meeting.  Special prayer was requested for Mike Hammon, Brother Les’ brother.   Brandon William’s gave an update on his father’s health and asks that we continue to pray for him.  For special music, Eloise Hallmark sang a beautiful hymn.

“Guard Your Heart,” Brother Les said, might be a fitting title for the morning sermon taken from Hebrews 12:3, “For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.”

Gary and I paid Maxine Lirley a visit while we were in town last Thursday.   We shared some mandarin oranges with her that we had bought at the store.  She loves fresh fruit.  She said that Jeane Huff had been to visit with her a couple days that week too.  Jeane and Jerry are always faithful to take Maxine and her sister, Willene Adams, to church when ever they are able to go.  I know they appreciate that very much.   Ralph and Barbadeen Laughlin always try to visit with Maxine when they are in Ava.   They are wonderful friends.

I spoke to Pam Shell on the phone.  She said that she had gained strength since she had the stomach flu a couple weeks ago.  She was thankful that Bill did not contract the flu from her.  Pam said to prevent that, she had washed down every room and would not let anyone come near Bill that had been ill with the flu or had children that was sick.  Smart girl!  One can only do their best.

I got a phone call from our granddaughter, Ryan, thanking us for remembering her birthday with a card and small money gift.  I told her I thought she would much rather pick out something that she liked than risk her grandpa and me picking out a gift for her.  She just turned 15.  Her dad, Les, sent us a movie of a recent piano recital she performed in.  We were thrilled that she plays so beautifully.  We encouraged her to keep up the great work.  I told her that I thought that I needed to go outside and make a snow ball to throw at her grandpa.  She told me that I had better plan on building a snow fort before I tried that.   I would need some place to take cover because Grandpa would surely retaliate with some snow balls of his own.  Gary said, “Forget the snow balls; I just want some snow ice cream.”  We had a good time joking about it over the phone.  We love to hear from all our children and grandchildren.  We don’t get to see them very often.  They all live in different parts of the country, working and serving the Lord in a church field close by.  Gary and I are very thankful for every one of them, and we pray for each one daily.

That’s all the news I have for now.  Take care. (Luke 6:31)  And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.

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