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It seems like the middle of the week can slip up on me pretty quick lately.  I always have a lot planned that I want to get done in one week, but here I am in the middle of this week with still plenty of things left to do.  Writing this article is one of them so I’d better get right to it.

Attendance was a little low at church this Sunday.  I hope it wasn’t because of illness.  I heard that the flu bug was still going around, especially in the schools. You were missed.  Brother Jake Hampton opened the morning service by leading in hymns.  Brother Jerry Huff gave the morning welcome.

Everyone had a good Sunday school lesson.  The adult lesson was on how Christianity is about making Christ the center of every aspect of ones life. He is worthy of our worship because He is our God; He is our Creator; He is our Lord and our Savior.  The subject in Children’s Church was on the blessings that King Solomon received from God because he asked for the right things.   Solomon’s only desire was for God to give him wisdom to guide his people with an understanding heart with which to discern between good and bad.  In I Kings 3: 10 we read that it pleased the Lord that Solomon had asked this thing.

Giving a mission offering in honor of Barbadeen Laughlin’s birthday was Jeane Huff.  It was announced that our Valentine dinner would take place Sunday, Feb.12, directly after services.  Everyone is to bring their favorite dish of food to share.   Sunday evening is our monthly praise service.  Come with a song on your heart to sing, a poem to read, or even better, your testimony to give.  We’ll have a wonderful time praising the Lord for His great blessings of love and care.  After services everyone will gather in the fellowship room to share refreshments and finger foods.

Special music for the worship service was provided by a men’s trio made up of Jerry Maggard, Jake Hampton and Les Hallmark.  Jerry Maggard also sang a solo.  I forgot to add in last week’s news that the children’s church youth sang two songs for the congregation during the worship service.

For the morning sermon, Brother Les chose scripture from Luke 19: 2-10.  Zacchaeus, who is described as being a rich, publican tax collector, sought to see Jesus who was passing by on a road near him.  He soon found that his short stature prevented him from getting near Jesus so he ran ahead and climbed a tree for a front row seat, thinking that no one would notice.  But when Jesus got to the tree, he stopped, looked up and saw him sitting there.  Jesus knows where we are in this world.  He comes to us, looks at where we are in life and bids us to come follow Him.  He says to us, as he said to Zacchaeus that day, “Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for to day I must abide at thy house.”  The scripture goes on to say that Zacchaeus quickly came down and received Him joyfully.  He repented of all the wrongs he had done, and promised to restore everything he had stolen, four fold.  We know that He was forgiven.

If you find yourself up a tree, climb down and follow Jesus.  He will lead you to a new height in life that you will never regret, but will only find peace and happiness.

We would love for you to worship with us at Red Bank. The C I A youth, mission group meets every Wednesday in the fellowship room, Jennifer Lakey and Miranda Hallmark are their leaders.   Children’s Church leaders are Alice Lirley, Tattie Maggard and Jerry Maggard.  We offer classes for both younger and older adults.

Gary and I paid Maxine Lirley a visit last Monday afternoon.  She was doing fine.  I asked her what she would like for her birthday, which is Feb. 14 on Valentine’s Day.  She just grinned and said that she couldn’t think of any gift better than having her family around her that day.

Margi Gates told me that she enjoyed the race she ran in Saturday.  She didn’t win in her category, but she did come in second.  I’m not sure where the race was held, but I believe she said that it was a six mile race.  I told her that I would be proud to be able to run a one mile race.  She makes our age group proud that she can participate in, and finish a six mile race and even more.  You go girl!!

Take care and remember that real peace and happiness in life comes from, “Letting Go and Letting God.”

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