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Norma Stillings

Denny Roberts, Leon Potter, and Freeda Holt visited with Tom and Jewell Johnson last week. Having good friends and a good family are blessings that Tom and Jewell enjoy.

Norma Stillings was busy as usual with nursing home visits, paper work, and meetings. Being a community volunteer is almost like having a job, you have to get up, get out, and get busy. Sometimes you groan with the work involved, but it makes you feel good to finish something worthwhile. It’s been my conviction that hard work does not kill you, but that you need to feel good about what you do.

I watched my parents and decided that when I retired, I would stay busy and involved with things that I liked to do and thought were worthwhile. My dad, Melvin Rogers, kept working after he retired. He tried loafing around the house for about a year, but he said he got bored with working puzzles so he joined the Green Thumb. He worked with them several years, until he had a heart attack while out on a roofing job, after carrying the roofing up a ladder. When he recovered after that, he continued on his own, doing handy-man repairs, painting houses, and some small construction projects up until he was in his eighties. His doctor had told him to walk two miles a day and he did that faithfully. But he took time to do fun things like making trips to California, Idaho, and Texas and going to Silver Dollar City for the Mountain Folk Music Festivals. He and my mother, Juanita had sung there during the late “70’s.” Music was just a part of him. He always did take time to pick up his guitar and he kept going to local singings until just two weeks before he died.