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2-17-12 How about that Super Bowl? So exciting I couldn’t take my eyes off it. And my team winning made it even more exciting. I didn’t care for most of the ads this year. Just a few of them and what a terrible shock over Whitney Houston’s death. She was such a talent and there will never be anyone to equal her and so sad the way she died and all alone. It  It happens to way too many of them after they get to be so famous like that. I wouldn’t want to be that famous. Not that I ever have to worry about that happening. Ha!

Our trip to the Cities this month was fairly uneventful. We did our usual things. Frank Dee Allison was in Silvis Wal-Mart when Walt dropped me off so he could run all his errands. Frank and Walt got to see each other just long enough for a hug and a “Hello.” Frank and I did some walking around in the store while we talked. I always enjoy talking to him. And I even let him talk some too. It seems like we never run out of anything to talk about. One time we were at Frank’s house (Walt and I) and as we were leaving I said, “The next time I’ll let Walt talk some too,” and Frank said, “Can he talk?” I thought that was funny. When I saw him a few days ago he said his grandson, Shannon, and wife, Carol, and their kids, Josiah and Ava Grace, had been back to the Quad Cities and he had dinner with them at their Uncle Gary’ and Pam White’s in Hampton, Illinois. Gary is Shannon’s dad, Bill White’s brother. So Grandpa Frank Dee got to see the great grands again. He said his daughter, Cheryl, called one day and she, Bill and Bill’s mother, June Cross, were on their way to Lexington, Kentucky to see their son, Travis, his wife, Vanissa, and their kids. Bill’s mother, June (Bostic) Cross was with them. Cheryl said June was doing good in Tennessee and likes it there so that was good to hear. She sure is a nice lady and I hope I get to see her again sometime. She’s a sister of Peggy Bostic.

We went by and saw Robert, Walt’s son, for a couple of minutes and Walt went  and saw his granddaughter, Amy, for a few minutes. She’s going to have a baby boy tomorrow. It’s due the 27th, but they’re going to induce labor tomorrow so she can go ahead and have him. So we’re pretty excited about that. We’ve been buying up some things for him. We’re going to take a few more things up there to her today and see what all else she needs. We went to my great-grandson’s birthday party last Saturday. He is now 19 years old. That’s Jacob. The party was at my grandson, Jared, Carrie and Zoie’s house. They don’t live very far from here. So I enjoyed seeing my family again. Jacob had a really bad burn on about half the left side of his face and really close to his eye. He got it at work somehow from a torch, I believe. I think they said the hose got tangled up and somehow threw the flame around onto his face. He was lucky it didn’t hit his eye as it was so close. I have to get ready to go back to the Cities so take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.

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