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Oak Grove Church

After our Sunday school lesson we enjoyed a few congregatiional hymns and then were treated to specials by Miss Branetta McNiese, Miss Beverly McNiese and Miss Sharon Skaggs.

Our morning message was entitled “What Do You Have?” taken from our text in I Kings 17:8-16. We all have something, small or great is not necessarily the question, but whether or not we surrender the things we have for His service.

Our evening message was “We Should All Have Birthmarks.” From a study of John 3:1-8, the story of Nicodemus’ visit at night to Jesus. When Jesus told him that we all must be born again.

We all must be born again, that is a fact – when we have experienced the “new birth” we should exhibit some birthmarks, evidence that we are in fact, children of the King.

You may have stayed home because of the cold, but the roads were all clear and your seat was still reserved. On Sunday the 19th, we are celebrating friend day, so come, be our guest and bring a friend, don’t worry, we have a seat for your friend too.

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