Oak Grove Church

Text Box: Oak Grove Church
Charles McFarland

We were blessed with a beautiful, crisp but sunny fifth Sunday this last Lord’s day. Following our Sunday school class and congregational singing we heard specials from Ella Faye Mitchell, Branetta McNiece and Beverly McNiece.

The morning message was “Prepare To Meet Thy God” from our text in the fourth chapter of Amos. We heard of the “preparations” David made for the house of God, which his son Solomon then built, as well as how Rehoboam, Solomon’s son and heir failed to make any preparations for his rule and in the process the nation went from it’s zenith, as the world power, to being a poor, split kingdom at the meteoric pace of only five years time.

Failure to make preparations for that inevitable meeting with our maker, is the most grave error in planning we can make.

Our evening service began with singing praises to our Lord and the message following was, “On Striving With God,” from the text of Isaiah 45:9., “Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker!” How foolish we make ourselves when we oppose the giver of all good things. How silly we become when we trust in “our” wisdome and disregard the one who is the wisdom of the ages.

Someone asked me who I was saving a seat for, I told them it was for you. Believe it or not we do have plenty of extra seating, really, you won’t be crowded at all. Come and be our guest.