New Hope Freewill Baptist Church

Wednesday night we had very few attend Bible study, but had a wonderful study led by Bro. Lyndon from the book of Exodus. Sunday morning we began our service with prayer requests. Several of us have loved ones overseas, that we would like remembered in prayers and we have many of our loved ones with life threatening illness that we would also like remembered. And Israel, always remember God’s chosen in your prayers. We had 12 adults present for Sunday school and three children. Bro. Lyndon led a great study over John 15. We had a good discussion. After Sunday school we all sang songs together. Bro. Lyndon and I sang a special for everyone. Bro. Norman brought forth a wonderful Holy Ghost inspired message from Luke 7:36-48. This message was a wonderful touching message about that sinful woman with the alabaster box that had more respect and reverence to the Lord than the Pharisees that prided themselves on being righteous and holy men of God. This woman knew right where to go and who’s feet to fall at.  How much are we recognizing the sovereignty of God? We had 22 people attend morning worship.

Sunday evening our prayer requests were close to the ones from the morning. We had mention of the presidential election coming up to remember in prayer. And also all of our other churches. We had 18 people attend service. We had a spirit filled song service. Specials for the evening were by Larry, Lyndon, Mike, Dee Dee, Aloma, Virginia, Roy and even little Mallory had a song on her heart. Bro. Roy brought forth our evening message from several scriptures Genesis 6:5-8, II Timothy 3:1-7 and Matthew 9:37-38. I think Bro. Roy hit the nail on the head when he talked of men’s hearts growing wicked and God saying it repenteth me that I have made them. If you love God, the thought of Him having regret over our creation should break your heart. He deserves people who respect, obey and love Him more than all other things. I think that Bro. Cub will be coming and preaching for us next Sunday. Who knows who God will lead there. Salvation is waiting for you. If you don’t know the Lord, I beg you to change that. This old life full of mistakes can die and  you can be born again a new creature in Christ Jesus. There is so much to look forward to, so much to gain, and nothing but death to leave behind. If you need a touch from the Master, I pray you put it off no more and reach out and grab a hold of Him! Let Him make things new.