New Hope Freewill Baptist Church

We have had another blessed, wonderful week in the Lord at New Hope. During Wednesday evening Bible study we have been studying  the book of Exodus. This week we went over the 12th chapter. We had 10 attend study.

Sunday morning we opened up with prayer requests. We had 16 adults present for Sunday school and four children. The adults studied John, chapter 14. After Sunday school the children sang for us and then the congregation all joined together and sang praises unto God. Sister Lena sang a beautiful special for us, and we heard many testimonies and praise reports of the works God never fails us in doing. Bro. Norman gave us a wonderful message titled, “New or Not?” The first of the scriptures was II Corinthians 5:17-20 speaking of being a new creature in Christ, and the reconciliation for all our sins that Christ did away with for us by the shedding of His blood. When we cover ourselves in the blood we become a new creature. We should be changed from this world. We are ambassadors, representative of The Father, the Son and their kingdom. If we follow after fleshly things we will reap of fleshly things, those things will not inherit the kingdom of God. But if we follow after the things of righteousness and of God we shall see be welcomed in. Ephesians 2:10, Look ahead unto the cross and leave the world behind us, we have a beautiful heaven to gain!

We had 25 attend morning service and 20 join evening service. We had a wonderful song service and testimonies and many requests for prayer. Bro. Roy joined us and came forth to deliver God’s word for the evening. Bro. Roy read serveral different scriptures for us starting at II Timothy 2:21-3:7. These scriptures paraphrased simply tells us to walk after the things of God not the flesh. Let the spirit of God be our moral compass. John 14:23-27 was also in the reading of scriptures. If we love Jesus, and keep His words God will in turn love us and then we can be meat for Him to come and abide with us. John 10:7-18 follow the good shepherd anywhere. He will take care of us. He even laid down His life for us. Be an example to the world and to our families. Be a testimony of the marvelous works God has done in our lives, that is how we can draw others. Be learned in the word so that we are able to fight the sin that tries to corrupt our lives!

If you have a message to share call Bro. Mike at 543-8526 or Bro. Lyndon at 250-8-63. Tell someone about Jesus today!