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Mt. Tabor Church

We had good singing and a very interesting discussion for our Sunday school class. We began, as always, with a prayer list that gets longer each week. There are so many to pray for, some very serious problems, always the bereaved and the lost, as well as our church and families. We appreciated having our visitors in our morning and evening services.

Brother Raymond Haden brought both messages this week. Very good thoughts in each one, always be thankful and remember to thank Him for our blessings, and He is able to do anything and His promises are true, very good. It was good to have the Hadens sing for us in the evening service.

Bro. Raymond will also be preaching both services this week.

We stood to sing the birthday song for Clifford Madewell, Hellen Blakey and Evelyn Bryan and wish them many more.

Mae Cox is still not able to be out, but keeps up with everyone by phone. Lisa Johnson visited her grandma, Sunday.

Don and Evelyn Bryan returned home last Friday, after spending six weeks in Florida, attending camp meetings and vacationing.

Those visiting with Bessie Hall this past week were Jewell Elliott, J.C. Hall, Carla Wilson, Kay Hutchison, and Kim Clements. On Sunday afternoon, Bessie was surprised when her brother-in-law, Hobert Moffis, and son, Mike, of West Plains, came to visit. Mr. Moffis is 96 years old and very well for his age.  They also visited Mr. and Mrs. Tom Elliott in the afternoon.

Others visiting with Tom and Jewell were James Elliott, Saturday and Sharyn Jones, Tuesday.

Pat Lansdown is in Cox Hospital with some health issues that she has had for some time, hopefully will be home in the next few days and feeling better.

Company for Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock this week was Jim and Jo Hathcock and grandchildren, Jack and Jorie, Ronda Soto and grandson, Joratio, Pat Smith and Charlee.

Jewell Elliott and Joe Cox were visitors of Harold and Kay Hutchison one evening last week.

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