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Mt. Tabor Church

We continue to have people out with the virus, some just too cold and windy for them this Sunday, hopefully everyone will be back this week. We were thankful to have our visitors, welcome to all.

Our pastor resigned abruptly without the usual thirty days notice, so we were glad to have Brother James Hathcock fill in Sunday morning on short notice. He felt his message was one that God gave him, just for Mt. Tabor Church. He read from Joshua 15, concerning Caleb and the promises God made him, and how we can still claim those promises today. We appreciated having his family also, in a very interesting Sunday school class. We invite those who don’t have a regular church home to come and be with us.

Brother Raymond Haden will be preaching this Sunday, please join us.

Johnny and Pauline Pruiett were visitors with his sister, Mae Cox, this past week. They were here from Illinois attended the funeral for Pauline’s grandmother. Hellen Blakey also visited Mae after church Sunday.

Those visiting Bessie Hall recently were Shaun Elliott, James Elliott, J.C. Hall, Jewell Elliott, Kay Hutchison, Kim Clements, Dennis Shumate, and Hellen Blakey after church Sunday. Carla Wilson stopped by Bessie’s Tuesday evening with Valentine flowers, as well as played and sang some songs for her, which Bessie greatly enjoyed.

Martin and Mary Ann Hathcock visited Bessie Hall and Nina Carter one day last week. Pat Smith and Charlee visited the Hathcocks, Sunday.

Pat Lansdown is still not up to par, however, she was happy to announce that David and Casey Guerin and daughter welcomed a new baby on Tuesday. Ronnie and Pat kept Jadon and Kayley, so Doug and Kristi could be at the hospital to see the new one, congratulations to them.

Melanie Gray visited Myrl Cox one afternoon and brought cookies to share with her, it’s great to have good neighbors.

Tom and Jewell Elliott joined Albert and Doris Elliott and spent the evening at Jim and Carla Hearods, playing games and visiting.

Kay Hutchison visited Clifford and Imogene Madewell Thursday evening.

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