Little Creek

Little Creek is running clear and full. Thankfulness is due our Lord for His goodness to us and the good rain we received without storms. I have been able to turn my heat off at night because of the warm weather.

I felt good yesterday and felt able to be in church for a good lesson, singing and worship with good people. Devon Degase wrote a song accompanied Burr who sang the song Sunday. Devon’s Dad was proud of him and I’m sure His Uncle Mark would have praised and encouraged Devon.

I enjoyed soup with Burr and Ruth after church. They left planning to visit with Amber and family and with Aaron.

Jean called this morning with news. She was getting ready to quilt. Jean and Jim and Danny and Jamie and Rusty and Autum together with Cori’s parents, Benji and Dana Dry helped Cori celebrate her birthday with brunch. Cori requested a good country breakfast brunch of biscuits (not out of a can) gravy, bacon, eggs and hot cocoa. That’s my type of celebration. You can’t beat a morning like that with excellent food and family to share it with.

Jean visited Tuesday with Wanda Haynes and enjoyed seeing her many beautiful quilts and being in her comfortable old fashioned home. Wanda seems to be a lady of many talents, who keeps busy doing things she enjoys. I’ve often wondered about people who have no hobbies. Having a passion for something keeps our minds active as well as our bodies.

I have been meaning to thank Imogene Price for the mincemeat recipe she called a while back to give me. It has all the ingredients I remember Mom’s mincemeat having. When my Aunt Iva and cousin, Betty, came to our club a few years ago we all made a large batch of mincemeat and divided it amongst those who wanted some. Not everyone likes mincemeat and I don’t care for it unless it is homemade. So I appreciated the recipe with the pounds of meat and such called for listed as well as amounts of all other ingredients.

I wonder if any of the old things and ways will survive into the younger generation’s practices. Being able to make something we remember enjoying and making something no longer common is a remnant of a bygone era and I may never use my recipe, but I will hand it down. I appreciate it, Imogenefor the recipe and the memories. How we relish those tastes and those times with loved ones making memories together.

Karen came by one day and visited awhile and Kasey and Terry came bringing a beautiful gift.

I enjoyed club Wednesday. Everyone was there except Ruth and Darold. Alma cleaned my corner making it more accessible to the corner shelf of supplies. Someone mentioned that Norma would be able to tell us what to do with unusable accumulation of junk. Sh would say, “Pitch it!” We miss Norma so much. She was certainly “one of a kind.”

I’ll close my news with the thought that it’s one thing to feel that you’re on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path.