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Our sister-in-law, Lyn Halcomb called us Saturday evening. She is excited about the Adams Reunion. She said her brother, Galen Hall, plans on coming in.

Happy Birthday to their sister, Maxine Lirely, who celebrated her birthday on Valentine’s Day. Her husband, Clyde, could not forget her birthday on Valentine’s Day. She sure had a nice husband. When James pastored Red Bank Church, Clyde always stood at the door to greet people. He was a very likeable man. I know his family has missed him as well as the church. So many of the elderly folks have gone on to a better place.

Thursday James visited Kit Grimes. He had him a birthday gift. We visited Junior and Betty Halcomb Thursday.

Friday we went fishing. Not much luck. The weather sure is strange, but we don’t have bad weather of snow and ice.

My sympathy to Abb and Janet Watkins, their son passed away.

Get-well wishes to the sick.

Sunday Junior, Betty and David Halcomb visited her niece, Anita and Roger Boeddeker of Springfield.

I visited Joretta Maggard at Dollar General in Sparta last week.

Jerry Nelson called Monday night and his great grandson, Wyatt Applegate, received a kidney transplant. We pray all will go well. He has went through so much. Remember his grandmother, Loetta Nelson.

I appreciate Dan, Cheyenne and Jacki Lafferty for the nice Valentine card. Love you all.

Sunday 55 were present for church at Garrison Church. Lisa Ellison played the piano in absence of our piano player. She was presenting a conference in Springfield. Lisa sang a special. Have a good weekend.

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