Last Weeks News – Wednesday the weather man made my day. He predicted an early spring and temperatures above normal. Maybe we will have a good mushroom season if it will rain.

Our sister-in-law, Betty Halcomb’s sister, Nita Lambeth, passed away. Her visitation was Thursday evening. James and I attended it. Her funeral was Friday. We visited Wayne Casey, Nita and Betty’s brother, their sister, Lorene (Babe) Pare who was also there. Their sister, Carol, had been in three weeks ago and visited. It was in Wisconsin they had ice so she didn’t try to get back to Missouri. Several came out for the visitation and funeral. We visited Betty and Junior and so did their friend, Daryl Armour on the day Nita passed away.

Hunter and Shelby Crossland played basketball Saturday in Ava. Hunter had a game and Shelby had practice. Their grandma, Chris, invited us. Our get up and go wasn’t to good Saturday morning. We were a little bit on the lazy side. Maybe another time.

Shelby was honored with a birthday party at her grandparents, Chris and Christy Lakey’s.

Sunday, 52 people were present at Garrison. Some were out due to illness, maybe. Joe Rozell’s family went to a baby dedication for granddaughter, Emerson.

Melany Stevens sang a special. Brady Blevans gave a birthday offering. He is a cute little boy.

It was nice Sunday, but a little cool. Mercy it could be so much worse.

Mrs. Melany Stevens is starting a women’s Bible study February 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Garrison Baptist Church.

This Weeks News – Garrison Church had 54 present. Lisa Ellison sang for us. We were glad to have visitors. Tim and Tracy Stepp were in Tennessee to be with their son, Todd and family. Sue said Tracy said instead of cooking she was going to be holding the grand baby. Sue said she probably helped cook too.

Lisa Ellison’s grandson, Wyatt, was 5 on the 5th of February. He is an intelligent little fellow.

I saw in the Herald where Kathleen Sparks passed away. They had Spark’s Dry Goods for a long time. There has been lots of changes since malls and Wal-Marts have been built. Ladies used to buy their clothes, overalls and straw hats at stores such as Spark’s Dry Goods. As a kid, my favorite store was the Five and Dime.

February 4th, James and I visited Kit, Julie and Logan Grimes. Kit had knee surgery Feb. 1. This was due to accident he was in. He had to wait until his arm healed to use crutches. He needs prayer for his healing. Bill Mitchell and Carl Hampton were there when we came and as we were leaving Johnny Coffer, Julie’s brother came. Their daughter, LeAnna, had spent Friday night with the family and returned to college Saturday morning. Friday was Kit’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Kit, and get-well soon. James also has a birthday on Feb. 6.

Rosa Robbins visited in the home of Janie and George Morrison.

Remember, the Bible has all the answers.