Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Helllo from our home to your home again.  We hope you have been enjoying the fine weather as we have here in the home.  It lures us to go outside almost everyday, but sometimes the cold wind gets into our coats and bellies. We like the comfort promised by the bright sunshine, but many of us like it anyway.  We thought for sure the fog last week would turn into snow, some were elated  and some disappointed, but bad days are coming whether we like it or not.

We did get to go on a nice van ride though.  We drove around town and viewed many  of the nice new homes.  Many suprised us by their size and beauty.  We noticed some were finished with lovely rock work.  Our stop at Sonic was refreshing.  Helen Allen, Maxine Lirley, Bill Herrington, Lena Carline, Larry Peak and Mike Graham enjoyed this trip.

We welcome Pauline Knisell to our home, she has been playing some bingo and visiting with other residents.   Many are getting into the habit of playing bingo and our bingo group has doubled.  We have a different caller for the games every day.

On Saturday , I, Maxine Lirley called Pokeeno.

We still need more pitch players though.

Daryl Knapp and Georgia Graf have been playing dominoes almost every day with Willene and Maxine.  It is a good game and helps one count.

Our jig-saw puzzle is really progressing slowly.  Come visit with us and sit down for a spell and see what you can do!

On Sunday morning with Larry Moore we had a good lesson about spiritual growth with discussion and testimonies about our personal lives.  People of our ages, 60’s to 90’s, should have some experiences to witness about!  And we did!  It was enjoyed by all in attendance.   We had a lovely music from the Mound Church on Sunday afternoon with some groups specials and a violin special from a lovely little lady studying the violin.  Then they presented a Bible message and ended with two more congregational songs.

Mike Santos on Friday nights is  anticipated and enjoyed  by many.  Mike is a busy personal worker and visits with many in theirs rooms to bring a word of comfort and cheer.

We have many new Christan fiction books availabe in our library now which was donated by a very lovely  Christian lady that just knew we would enjoy them very much, and we do!

Three Rivers Hospice was here Tuesday morning taking glamour shots of many of our residents.  This was enjoyed by all.  We got to visit with Naomi Stephens and her daughter,Charlotte Koop, Crystal Lee, Jayma Potter, Patty Ingalls and Ms. Hope.  Everyone looked lovely and good time was had by everyone.

Ms. Edna Hannaford and Ruth Evans was here and they did a craft made of pens for the staff.  They  flower taped roses onto pens and gave them out to the staff.

Ms. Edna and Ms. Ruth also played several hands of pitch with the residents.   We missed Ms. Evelyn Tuesday afternoon, she had surgery on her face.  Ms. Carrie was here Friday playing games with the residents.  Ms. Darlene played games and several rounds of horseshoes with everyone.  Reba and Ryder should just move and live here with us.   They called games on Thursday afternoon.  Jeff Smith was here from Three Rivers Hospice on Thursday afternoon with a special message.

We welcome Celesta Stone and Pauline Knisell to our home.  Congratulations on Mike Graham and Harold March on getting to go home this week. God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO.