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Charlotte Reich

We had opening prayer and congregational singing and in our Sunday school class, we studied on the rejoicing of the Israelites as God delivered them out of Egypt. God is capable of delivering His people, but He requires obedience if we want His blessings.

The family of Willard Short honored him with a small party as he was celebrating his 90th birthday. Gentry Church sends their birthday wishes.

A wedding was held on Saturday the 28th at Gentry Church for Darren Young and Jessica Dewaard. Our best wishes go out to them.

February 11 at 6 p.m. we are having a Valentine supper at Gentry. Everyone is invited, just bring a dish and join us in fellowship. Mark that on your calendar.

Our special song this morning was by Faye Allen, Rod Welker, Wendell Deo and Wanda Casady.

Pastor Riley Hall had to make a trip to California to attend a funeral so we had a guest speaker, Bro. Bob Huskey. He preached for us Sunday morning and night. We all enjoy him and Ella Mae so much. His morning sermon was from Matthew 6:12-15. He was preaching on forgiveness. If we forgive others, our Father will forgive us. It is worth our salvation to forgive. If we profess to be a Chrtistian, we should become more forgiving, be more tolerant, and show more kindness.

In our evening service after some singing, we had some special songs – a duet by Rod Welker and Wanda Casady, a duet from Bro. Bob Huskey and Charlotte Reich and a song by Narvil Tetrick, Janice Young, Glenda and Sheila Miller and Wendell Deo. We appreciate Joanne Welker for all her piano playing, it is great.

Bro. Huskey’s message for the evening service was from Luke 6:27, on loving God and building a solid relationship with brothers and sisters in the church. Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you. We should be merciful as your Father also is merciful. If we are true Christians it’s a commitment to love people. God’s word is very clear. With God’s help, grace and power, we can love and act the way we should.