My goodness I’m so far behind on my news from Foil and Frye Church.

Anyway, can you believe this is the end of January? Makes me wonder what the summer is going to be like: Everyone you talk to says, “but February and March isn’t here yet.” Oh well it’s all in God’s plan. We’ll just try to make the best of it.

We had good services at Frye Church this morning. Bro. Dwight Wilson was our speaker and Sis. Carla brought her music. They did an awfully good job of blessing us.

Bro. Gaither and Sis. Pat were there also and Bro. Gaither sang three songs.

We had dinner and fellowship after church and that was good too.

Bro. Roger McCullough preached for us last Sunday and Bro. Roy Hampton the Sunday before that. We’ve been having some real good services.

Ken came down Friday and spent the day here with me and Roger. We always have some little jobs for him. He really don’t seem to mind.

I went to Darrel and Audean’s on Saturday afternoon and visited a while. She fixed my hair.

I just talked to Michael Shaun, he still lives in West Plains. These kids grew up so fast.

Well it’s tax time again.

The past Wednesday when it was raining all day me and Roger went in and  dug out the big old box of pictures. My goodness, what memories! We got some good laughs once in a while too. Boy, time passes fast when you’re involved in a box of old pictures.

Well, I guess you can tell I really don’t have any news.

So until next time, stay warm and safe. God loves us!