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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

We had a wonderful weekend at our church services. I was beginning to wonder how the morning was going to be when I opened the door of the church and what should I encounter the not-so-wonderful aroma of skunk. You will never know how much I detest the smell of these lovely little creatures. A few people said, “it’s okay you will get where it won’t bother you.” Well, Shirley Halcomb and I disagree with that statement. What’s even worse is when you sing it’s hard to not breathe through your mouth and then you even taste it. Yes, the wonderful taste and aroma of Peppy Le Pew. We did have a good laugh and still had a good song service. Jon was back and led our song service for us. He also sang a special for us and then joined Bud Hampton and me for a song.

Sunday night was our youth night again. We had a nice turn out. Esther said she wanted to study on faith, so that is what we did, she also said to do some trivia. We had several younger kids out, they learned a memory verse about faith, and then sang a song. The teenagers volunteered for different jobs. Esther played the piano, Jenny Brazeal led the songs, Abby, asked for specials and Sarah asked for testimonies. Esther and I asked the trivia questions of the youth and the adults. I do believe that the kids won. We all agree it’s really all about learning, not who wins and loses.

We also ate and had good fellowship. We are after all baptist and that is two things we are very good at. It was a great day. If you would like to have a good time studying God’s word, come and join us on Wednesday nights. We would also love to have you come and join us on Sunday for worshipping God.

My Sunday school lesson this week was on Jesus’ teaching of; be kind to one another. So that is your lesson for the week, think of the people you meet and how you treat each other. Are you obeying the teaching of Jesus? Have a great week.

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