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Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Old man winter has finally arrived. We have a couple of inches of snow on the ground. I do enjoy the beauty of snow, but  I do not like driving on it. We can’t really complain, it has been a very pleasant winter.

We had a good crowd out for church Sunday. Still a little sickness in the community, but everyone is slowly starting to feel better. Donald said he was still a little hoarse. Jon wasn’t with us Sunday and I have no voice to sing. We had Sarah and Michaela Hampton lead our song service for us. Our specials were sung by the youth, and by Gracie Williams. Donald had a special present for Jolly. We had him come up front to present it to him, (we even got a picture) a new knitted hat from Violet. He should really stand out in the woods this year.

We slipped out of church a little early and went over to Red Bank Church. They were having a dinner and cake and ice cream to celebrate Maxine Lirley’s birthday. We joined them for lunch. We got to visit a litle with Max, my mom, and a few friends and family that attend church there.

Sunday night was business meeting, not much business, just took  care of a few basic things. I guess no business means everything must be going okay.

Next Sunday night is our youth night; we always eat on that night. We ask the youth to meet about 5:30. We get an early start. We study a little and play a little; I think the adults have as much fun as the kids do.

This is kind of short and sweet, but that’s alright, maybe I’ll have more news next week. Till then, stay warm, stay safe and remember that God loves you.

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