Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

I just can’t believe the wonderful weather, we have been enjoying. I do recall it is January and going into February. I heard on the radio the other morning that the Farmer’s Almanac had predicted a mild winter and so far they are calling it right.

We had discussed calling off church on Wednesday nights through January because of cold and bad weather, but some didn’t want to. Wonder if they knew how great it was going to be. We have a good time on Wednesday nights. We read and discussed the Bible and we usually discuss a few things going on in our lives. Someone always brings something good to eat. Last Wednesday night we even heard some name calling. All in good fun you see. If you want to get in on all the wonderful events of our Wednesday night Bible study all you have to do is show up about 7:00. We would love to have you.

We had a lot of little ones at church Sunday morning. My class sang for a special. The youth sang, Jon Mitchell, Bud and Irene sang one and then Arthur Hampton joined them for a song. Arthur and Jon also sang a song together. Donald preached about who was your coach, who are you letting lead you in your life. To win this race and make heaven your home, Jesus needs to be your coach.

Violet has been very busy making scarves for all the ladies. Now Donald is even sporting a camouflage man’s scarf and cap. I think he is trying to keep her busy. Two of the teenage girls put in a request for a bright hunters orange cap. We all are really thankful for all the work Violet is putting into these. Donald better be careful though or she may hand him a crochet hook.

My youngest son, Shawn, turned 28 this past week. I wish him a Happy Birthday. I told him he is not supposed to be getting that old. I am not old enough to have my baby almost 30. So, that’s it, he has to stay at this age for the next few years.

I went up and saw my mother, brother and Angie at the nursing home. They are finally all getting on the healthy side again. I think they all had a round of the sickness the last few weeks. It sure seems to be going around. We have a lot at church with it also.

I had a nice weekend with my grandkids. I kept Alexis Saturday and Dustin’s kids came down and played with her all afternoon. They make good babysitters. Courtney and Rilee really enjoy playing with Alexis, and she likes the attention.

Text Box: Eastern gate and around the mountain
Irene Swearengin

Sunday afternoon was a time to relax and wind down. The Bible says we aren’t supposed to work on the Sabbath. I guess we did good because we were pretty lazy. Now it’s time to get back to work, and work we did even made cookies for Wednesday night. Mine were better than Rogers. (Don’t tell him I said that.) I guess by the time you read this the cookies will be all gone and you will have to ask someone from church whose were really better.

I am going to sign off for now, have a wonderful week. Share your smile and your warmth. It will make you and them have a much better day.