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I am starting this week’s column early, on Wednesday, Feb. 8th.  Why? – To express my disappointment regarding the lack of voter participation in the Presidential Primary election.  First, I still do not understand the need for this expensive process that was mandated for us and seen by many as another unnecessary spending of taxpayer dollars.  Secondly, even though two townships were assigned for this polling place, we had a total of 47 voters, including the 4 judges.  Many of those who did come to vote questioned the need for this vote and asked multiples of questions.  Of course, as judges, in a polling place, we always have to be extremely careful to not discuss politics or to give opinions.  So, why am I disappointed?   Because as citizens it is not only our right to vote, it is our duty, regardless the circumstances or the outcome.  We can only hope that in August and November when we vote again, that each of you has studied the candidates and other issues and then will vote with good and educated thoughts for our survival as a Constitutional and Christian nation.

Tina Chriss, Linda Orick, Rex Boeddeker and I were the election judges.  We had lots of time to visit and we sure did enjoy the enchiladas and corn salad provided by Rex. They helped me with a mailing project.  I’d made two pots of coffee and not one voter had a cup.  We had two heaters in the garage and it was fairly pleasant there.

Archie Jennings called and we had a short visit.  He and wife Barbara could not come to vote as both were under the weather.  With Archie now at 75% disability, they are fortunate to have help from their children and were able to have modifications made to their home so they can get around better.  I encountered our neighbor Margie Hazelton in Ava and managed a quick hello.  Several of her friends were taking her out for lunch.

Randy and Kim and Ivan and Dena invited me along to the ReRico Brazilian Restaurant in Springfield on Saturday night for a delightful, more-than-one-should-eat experience.  The variety of meats served, eight I believe, and the salad bar are all excellent, our meal starter was a bowl of soup and the service was very good.  The variety of meats are brought to the table on spits one at a time and sliced off for the patrons, and they return several times, which of course is so tempting.  Then we saw the movie The Grey, nightmare fodder but good actingIt seems most movies these days are filled with violence and crude language.  I am looking forward to seeing War Horse and hoping it is good as I’ve been a horse lover since I was a toddler.  During our meal I learned that Sunday was Dena’s birthday.

Sunday morning brought us the news of the unfortunate and early demise of Whitney Houston.  Although I have disagreed with much of her life style, one cannot deny she was an exceptionally gifted vocalist and actress, and I shall watch The Bodyguard again and again.

Finally some real winter as of Monday morning, less than an inch of snow but a bit warmer than those mornings in the single digits.  My dogs appreciate being in the garage overnight.

Until next week, be well, check on your elderly neighbors, and continue praying for our nation.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: I finally made it back to church today.  Pleasant Ridge had good attendance and another inspiring message from Pastor Carl from 2 Timothy.  Leveta and Susie had 10 in children’s Church.  They are always so cute singing their songs before going back to their classroom. Leveta and Susie are doing a wonderful job with the little ones.  They have some help in the form of some of the teenagers.  It was good to have Alice Holt back today also. The ladies meeting was held at Amanda Williams’ home in the afternoon and the men were meeting at the church for their monthly fellowship.

The flu bugs and viruses are still making the rounds. I am finally feeling better after taking three types of antibiotics, one of which I was allergic too.  But then I had to stump my toe this morning and take a tumble.  Needless to say I am rather sore in places and have had a nice headache from it all.  Billy Joe had a round of the stomach flu and Joan Workman reports she had a round of that this past week.

Connie Porter and I went to the new Quilt Guild meeting in Ava this past Thursday night.  It was a very good meeting with a large group of ladies attending.  A lesson was given on quilting in sections on your home machine which is something I wanted to learn.

I see there are new renters in the Gene Thompson and Marge Hazelton’s houses. There are school age children in both. We want to say welcome to all of them.

There are still a lot of prayer requests going out.  Joan Workman lost one of the dear ladies this past week that she cleans for.  Dwight Swearengin’s daughter, in Chicago, still needs prayer as does Max Wood who is still in Cox South.

It sounds like the weather is going to be nasty so I want to wish everyone safe travels if you have to be out.  May God Bless you richly!

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