Dogwood Ramblings

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” — Winston Churchill

“The siren song of Socialism contains the seeds of destruction that now threaten the very foundations of civilization. Socialism as a disease progresses slowly, but it has been underway for more than a hundred years.  The malignancy is now metastasizing.  Unfortunately, ours are the generations that will experience its pernicious outcomes.  Feckless politicians blame anyone and everything but themselves for the impending tragedy.  They are responsible for the condition of the world.  Ultimately, ‘we the people’ are also responsible.  We allowed these political opportunists to create this world threat. – Monty Pelerin, American Thinker, 01-26-2012

I do hope you exercised your right to vote on Tuesday. Lincoln and Spencer Townships both voted at my home so it was another long day and I hope you felt welcome.  Grandson Rex provided the lunch for the four judges and hopefully you who voted enjoyed a cup of coffee.  Most don’t realize that it takes hours to get set up for the election and then much time after the polls close to tally and to take the materials back in to the courthouse.

Eva White called to visit.  Sad to say, she had to spend a few days in the hospital for a stint to be placed but she is doing much better now.  She sure would appreciate your prayers for complete healing.  Diana Swearengin called to say she and Dwight have been “on the road” due to an illness in the family, Dwight’s niece in Chicago.  St. Leo’s church has an internet prayer chain that started locally and now has prayer warriors in other states as well as here, some of whom forward our prayer requests on to other prayer chains.  I get requests to send out about every other day, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time.  On occasion updates on these requests go out so that folks know the results of the various situations for which they have prayed.

The Dept. of Health and Human Services is now passing out pap that in just one month the Black unemployed numbers dropped a whomping 2%.  Do you believe that!  Just like everything else put out by this administration, it is propaganda.  The liberal media is helping pass this along to us, as after all, it is an election year.  Reminds me of Germany in the 1930’s, which was denial of truth and feeding the populace what they wanted to see, read and hear in addition to printing money not backed up by anything, and blaming others for the disasters that encompassing them and then followed.  Everyone wants to think that times are getting better and far too many are wearing blinders, not unlike a draft horse.  If you are plowing in just one rut it is time for you to get out of that rut, look around and see things are not as the government and media want you to believe.  One reason for the “big change” in unemployment statistics is because so many have simply stopped job hunting.  Just think of the hundreds of jobs “lost” (given away) when this administration decided to send that huge airplane contract to Brazil, and the thousands of jobs “lost” (given away) when the Canadian pipeline was denied and given to China, all proceeds going to other nations….nothing to help our society.  Whatever happened to the political promise of jobs for Americans?  If you believe all the pap being served to you then you deserve the bankruptcy and socialism being forced on us.  The trouble is, you are taking us down with you.  It is time for Americans to get on their knees, admit their sins and failings, and pray to God for this nation and this world to get better, to have Christian leadership!

Back to the first paragraph in this column, read it over and over again and heed the message.

Sunday was a quiet day and very few e-mails received.  Perhaps many people were watching the Giants win the Super Bowl.  Several people told me they only watch for the commercials.  As for me, I enjoyed a good book.  My involvement in sports faded when all of my sons had graduated high school.  They were involved in football, track, basketball and wrestling back then and I tried to be at all their sports events.  In addition during these school years my sons had their own band and played at schools, churches, military bases, prisons, parades, contests, etc. and had to be hauled to all these events.  From their earnings they paid for all of their music equipment, kept their grades up and some were on the honor roll.

Jamey Herd e-mailed that she has been having another bout of the flu, and Billy Joe as well.  Jamey said many people stayed home from church Sunday.  This happened at St. Leo’s as well.  I’ve been using hand sanitizer, saline nasal spray, and then Lysol spray on most contact areas, especially in the voting area as tomorrow is the day.  Hopefully all will get over this terrible bug.  Do check on your elderly neighbors to see how they are doing.

God bless, be well, and continue to pray for this nation.