Dogwood Ramblings

“And now that the legislators and do-gooders have so futilely inflicted so many systems upon society, may they finally end where they should have begun: May they reject all systems, and try liberty; for liberty is an acknowledgment of faith in God and His works.”  – Federic Bastiat, conclusion from a pamphlet he wrote 100 years ago, titled The Law.”

“Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil – it has no point.”

There is so much to be learned from history, lest we repeat the mistakes of the past, both personally and as a nation.  How many of you go to the library and look up such historical figures as Thomas Jefferson to read of his thinking, his actions?  How about C.S. Lewis?  One can find such gems on the Internet as well.  How about the Bible?  So much to be learned that is now shuttled to the side in this secular world.

A busy week with a trip to the cardiologist office, then to pick up kitchen supplies for the church, and a quick stop for a few groceries, then home to take care of Reanna while her daddy went to night school.  Randy (bless his heart) serviced my van, which had been to Minnesota, North Dakota and Louisiana since the last servicing – he even rotated the tires for me.  I had purchased a nice chuck roast and made a large pot of stew from it – and Randy said it was yummy, even using the dinner rolls to sop up all of the juice.

Friday was working in the office and then dropping off my tax data with Lou Williams for filing my 2011 return.  At this stage of my life it must seem silly to keep such detailed ledgers for the year but, it is a habit of many years.  At the end of the year I know how much I spent on food, household needs, auto care and fuel, heating fuel, gifts, pet care, recreation, etc. etc. and I even keep track of mileage.  You don’t suppose it is an indication of my obsessive/compulsive nature do you?  I’ve fought that most of my life and even now on occasion, catch myself counting things, and have to laugh as I call myself a dumb broad (I can get away with that).

Several phone calls this week from across the nation and locally.  I called my sister, Dona, in California and she is not doing well, has been to the doctor time and again and now they are setting up a biopsy for her.  Please pray for Dona and her family.

I make time to read and lately am going through another reading of the “Inheritance” books.  The first one was written by a young man when he was only age 15, and he finished the fourth book at age 25.  The author of this fascinating fantasy, Christopher Paolini, was home schooled and his command of language sends me to the dictionary on occasion.

Randy said he encountered Violet Lakey in Ava and they had a good visit.  She didn’t recognize him at first but then, hadn’t seen him in several years.  While in Springfield I visited my granddaughter-in-law Sheila “Angel” and saw all the interesting redecorating she is doing in she and Nick’s home there – using a theme from over 100 years ago.  Angel is very artistic, in many mediums.

It has come to my intention that some in this area want to close down our Extension Office.  I would like to see in this paper a list of all the positive things done by the Extension as a whole and the helps provided in this area over the years.  I personally have not used this source often but know of others who benefit regularly.  Rumor has it (and rumors are always questionable) that the closing of the office in Douglas County is due to a personal vendetta by one of our citizens.  All county citizens should look into this situation before it is too late and the office closed.

We had a full house at St. Leo’s on Sunday, were blessed with a good homily, and enjoyed the visiting during refreshments after the service.  Another new family enrolled as our membership grows.

If you looked at the sample ballot in last week’s Herald, you will notice that on the Republican ticket it does not give the name of Newt Gingrich.  Someone told me that when the list was made that Gingrich didn’t have enough signatures for his name to be on the ballot.  If Gingrich is your choice, don’t vote for others as that will skew the results.  Who on this Republican ballot in Missouri and this nation can stand up with the strength and knowledge to debate the socialist liberals?  Yes, I am a Conservative!  However, I see the strengths and flaws of ALL the candidates, from my point of view, of course.  Do plan on voting on Feb. 7th, at my home for those in Lincoln Township.  Meanwhile, God bless and be well.

From the desk of Jamey Herd: Pleasant Ridge Baptist had good attendance Sunday. Prayers went out for several people in need of our prayers.  Max Wood is still in Cox South, Joan Workman’s niece, Shauna Swearengin daughter of Dwight Swearengin, is in intensive care in Chicago, Ill, Debbi Williams and Amanda Williams’ grandma.  Karen Hickman continues to recuperate after shoulder surgery.  She is having physical therapy now.  After a short testimonial service Pastor Carl brought the morning message. There were 12 in children’s church.  On Sunday night the film “Courageous” was shown after a meal of chili and hotdogs.  I didn’t get to stay for the movie so I am looking forward to seeing it at another time.  My daughter, Susan, says you must read the book also.  She got hers at the Library.

There were several that attended Youth Quake in Springfield this past Saturday.  One young lady from our church was saved during the meeting.

We enjoyed a nice rain this past week. It was much needed. I am glad it wasn’t snow. As we approach February I am wondering if this is going to be the winter that wasn’t. I don’t remember so much wind for months on end. We are having very unusual weather.

I have been busy here at home and not out much and didn’t gather very much news at church.

We are beginning to see the Eagles again. If you have small pets keep them in as the Eagles will catch them. I saw an Eagle just east of Sparta eating a goose. A few days later I saw a lone goose looking for its mate in the same spot. So sad but this is nature.

Till next time God Bless, stay safe.