County Line

Donna Dodson and Macee Breeding were here this week.

Jo Stephens and I visited Gene and Rheba Pool Monday evening. It was Gene’s birthday.

Junior Berry has been in the hosptial.

Debra Reed of Kansas called this week.

Michael Dodson went to the dentist this week.

Macee stayed with me Friday after school until her daddy picked her up.

Diana Davis, Amy Hill, Challa Watkins, Megan Goforth and I all went to the Ava Theatre Friday night to see Joyfull Noise. It was good.

Chase Dodson and Hope Evans attended Hoopcoming Friday night.

Donna took me to town Saturday then went to watch Mike and Keith play basketball and on to Reece’s concert then to work.

Reece spent Saturday night with Daven Orcutt.

Lyle Bushong and Jo Stephens went to Springfield Sunday to visit Junior.

Megan Goforth is sick with a sore throat and ear infection.