County Line

Text Box: County line
Veda Bushong

Donna Dodson, Macee Breeding and I went to McDonald’s Monday for lunch and their Grand Reopening.

Debra Reed of Kansas called on Wednesday.

Mike Strong of Kansas visited me and other family members on Thursday.

Donna and Macee took me to lunch and shopping on Friday.

Reece Goforth spent Friday night with Ethan Gunter. He also visited him after school on Wednesday.

Keith and Melanie Breeding, Reece, Quin and Macee visited Kris and Jennifer Breeding and children on Saturday.

Megan Goforth spent Saturday night with Gracie Heinlein.

David and Donna went to Springfield on Saturday.

Several of the kids played basketball on Saturday as well as Mike.

Donna took Reece, Quin and Macee to see Ronald McDonald on Sunday. They stopped by to see if I wanted to go.

Macee and Quin attended church with David and Donna Sunday evening.

Michael Dodson visited Eddie Horn Saturday evening.

Happy Birthday in February to Lana Stephens the 2nd, Axle Hill the 10th, Rheba Pool the 12th, Eric Stephens the 20th, Donna Dodson the 20th, Reece Goforth the 23rd, and Brinton Bushong on the 23rd.