Breedon Church

Roy Hampton opened Sunday school reading St. Matthew 9:37-38 and led in prayer. Lee and Daryl Hampton was able to attend Sunday school today and Lee taught our Sunday school lesson in St. John, chapter 19. We are about through with this book. Two more chapters and we’ll be ready for the book of Acts. We had a lengthy discussion on the chapter. There were lots of thoughts that this writer had not thought about for awhile. My memory is not what it used to be. I am always ready to learn more about the Bible and our Jesus.

We also talked about how close the Lord’s coming is, surely closer, then some people realize.

Roy Hampton took up the morning offering. Danny Lee asked the blessing on it. We had prayer requests for the sick and the lost. We sang a congregational song and Roy Hampton and Susie Sisco did specials.

During the preaching hour Joe Lafferty talked on the 7th chapter of Micah the 5th verse, then Romans 11:1-21 and led in prayer. Roy Hampton dismissed the service in prayer.

Don’t forget Friday night the 10th at 7 p.m. is Breedon’s monthly singing. We always have a good time. We have coffee, then sandwiches or desserts or soups are good this time of year.

Remember we closed Sunday night services for a while until warmer weather.

Remember pray for each other and the lost.

Until next time!